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Resveratrol lowers bad cholesterol

What is resveratrol?

It is a powerful polyphenol that occurs in the skin of grapes. It protects them against fungal attack. Antifungal properties of resveratrol for years used the natural medicine.

Like most polyphenols, antioxidants belong to, that is, substances that destroy free radicals. However, as none of them, for several years the focus of attention of scientists.

     Note! Currently carried out 25 clinical trials, the aim is to examine the effectiveness of resveratrol in the fight against colon cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, melanoma and multiple myeloma.

Resveratrol in the fight against cholesterol

Recent clinical trials have shown that resveratrol lowers levels of bad cholesterol and levels of cortisol (stress hormone) by almost 50%.

     Note! High levels of this hormone in the blood leads among others resistance to the development of muscle tissue to insulin (insulin resistance) and the development of diabetes.

French researchers conducted a study of resveratrol in a state close to zero and immobilization after the accident. The results meant that resveratrol currently is being tested as a means of mitigating the health consequences of the lack of gravity and lack of physical activity during immobilization after accidents.

Where can you find resveratrol?

Most valuable substances contain skins and seeds of grapes. You'll find it also in black currants, blueberries, cocoa, fruit mulberries and peanuts. You can also turn to dietary supplements that contain the polyphenol.

     Note! Scientists still do not know whether they are and what are the side effects of resveratrol for a long time.


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