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Junk food - one of the main causes of constipation ..

Junk food and constipation

Fast food, ready meals, soft drinks and caffeine, casseroles, kebabs from street stalls - taste and are easy to prepare, but they can cause constipation because they are high in fat, carbohydrates, sugars, and low in fiber.

Problems with regular and effortless going to the throne have many causes, but in most cases we ourselves are responsible for very rare and often painful bowel movements.


What is the day the average European?

Improper nutrition, lead unhealthy lifestyles, lack of regular and sufficient traffic, providing the body with the wrong amount of water, eating too few fruits and vegetables, swallowing too much pain medication, that's it suppresses reflex defekacyjny.

These are the main factors that negatively affect the intestinal transport time the content of food and stool formation. They cause constipation, functional, and they, paradoxically, may be fixed by us as a result of abuse of laxatives.

     The fact that so nourished so many people, it should soothe the consciences ...

Anatomy of garbage

List of foods that slow digestion and excretion of undigested residues is quite long, and opens it so. junk food or fast food food (eg chips, burgers ) and salty snacks ( chips , popcorn , crisps ).

By definition, these are highly processed products that contain large amounts of fat (although it may not be visible to the naked eye ), and that the cause of the problem is during digestion. Long pass through the gastrointestinal tract.

The same can be said for ready meals, canned, patties, which can be prepared in a flash. Of course, at the expense of our health. These are highly processed products that contain multiple enhancers, extending shelf life and preservatives.

The junk food can also include all the pies served by street dining options. They are formed of white, refined bread (wheat flour ), which contains almost no fiber. The filling consists of greasy sausage or a piece of meat fried in deep fat, and the whole thing is dipped in bold sauce, which hides a lot of preservatives and dyes.

Casserole sprinkled with a cheese, which is then melted under heat sticks to the intestinal walls and clog them.

Such dishes are then washed down with sweet soda or containing caffeine and they also have a role in disorders that lead to constipation, because dehydration, thirst cheat, what is the effect of the gas filling the stomach.

    Caution! Excess refined sugar in the diet promotes constipation.

Shortly chew - digest more ...

The defined junk food as a major part of our diet, must inevitably contribute to the deficit formation fiber, and the consequence of this is constipation.

On average, Europeans eat about 15 grams of beneficial dietary fiber per day. Even worse it looks in the United States.

     Caution! Meanwhile, the recommendations of health organizations (eg WHO, the American Dietetic Association) report 35 g

Highly processed food low in fiber is usually soft and does not require a long chewing, careful mouth disintegration and as a result is mixed with saliva worse than the products that are abundant source of dietary fiber.

     Caution! Shorter chewing is less segregated gastric and intestinal juices, which consequently prolongs the digestion of food approved.

Not only constipation

Junk food destroys the health of not only causing constipation, but also in many other ways. It helps to:

     metabolic poison,
     toxemia (the effect of empty calories)
     lack of strength and vitality (due to lack of vitamins and minerals),
     excess calories that are not utilized lead to overweight and obesity. This in turn entails a disease of cardiovascular ...

Therefore, we end up with as soon as possible przecińôtniactwem in food and end up with self-justification - "because we all just eat"

Start to eat so that the body you reciprocated - health :)


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