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Human resistance

When the bread falls to me to the ground, raise it and eat ..

"How did you come to this country the fear of germs? The endless media stories about the latest infection?

"We can easily fall into a panic and scrub it, those dash, wash your hands all the time ... all just to avoid any contact with germs

"This is ridiculous and reaches absurd proportions.

"In addition, since what is your immune system?

From killing germs! But he needs to practice:

     needs of germs, which can be enhanced!

"So listen up. If you kill all the germs around and you will live in complete purity, when they come germs, your body will not be prepared for them.

"And apart from ordinary germs ... what do you do when it's higher caliber virus that will change your healthy organs in liquid shit!? I'll tell you what happens. Sick and your health will be the big question mark - the fact that you have a weak immune system!

"Now, let me tell you a true story about immunization, okay? When I was a boy in New York, in the forties, was swimming with his friends in the Hudson River. And it was full of raw sewage! We swam in raw sewage. You know, just to cool off!

"In those days, the most feared disease Polio sow. Thousands of kids die every year. But you know what? In my area, no one got sick! Nobody! Never! Why is that? Because swam in raw sewage! It strengthened our immune system. Polio has never had a chance. We were one by one hardened as viking!

"So I personally never pay attention to germs. I'm not hiding before coughing and sneezing, do not wipe your phone, do not I cover the toilet, and ...

"WHEN bread always falls MI TO EARTH, TO GO lifting and I eat!

"I eat it! That's what I'm doing. And you know what? Despite all the so-called risky situations, you never catch the infection. I do not get chills, flu, headache, stomach neurosis. Why is that? Because I have a good, strong immune system, which is pretty well trained!

"When my blood cells are on patrol, raking blood streams in search of aliens and other side effects, and if they find any suspicious looking germs - ANY! - It's not maroon, but they scavenge straight to my gut. The gut! "

Probably discerned that these are not my words. In fact, it is part of George Carlin, the famous American actor and comedian.

Rewrote it as much privately share the views of the man. Of course, I do not claim to immediately eat the bread off the floor. But the fact is a fact: the human body needs hardening.

There are people who strongly they take this to heart and throughout the winter (yes, by all) do not wear hats ... so as not to catch a cold.

With such hardened body becomes indestructible. While the other draft a light breeze, the hardened can blow an icy gale, and nothing will happen to them.

The human body is in fact self-sufficient, as long as it does not limit the possibility for self-reinforcing.

Cut yourself up - releases appropriate materials that close the wound scab to be able to heal it.

You will begin to run - speeds up the heart to the muscles got more blood, oxygen and nutrients, and can operate at increased speeds.

You let germs - activates the immune arsenal, which it captures, destroys and sends to the intestines, where they land in the toilet.


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