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How to sleep well?

9 tricks for good night's sleep

Ahh, good, deep sleep. We all want it, and no one gets. You do not exaggerate when I say that insomnia is an epidemic of the XXI century, especially for people in their fifties.
Guess what? I'm going to stop it! Today, here, now. Because if you want to live ... if you want to be healthy, have energy, feel energized, focused - you sleep through the night. This is a non-negotiable condition.

I dare say even more:


Science has proven that without adequate sleep, your alertness, problem solving, reaction time, concentration, and even IQ dropping like an airplane after firing.

Man without sleep for 21 hours operates as clumsy as the alcohol - as beery!

These are the facts.

Here's how = to improve the time spent in the arms of Morpheus ...

1 Never go to sleep on their backs. This is the worst position of all. It leads to hyperventilation, and this tissue hypoxia and brain, resulting in the body is not able to deep, restorative sleep. According to K. P. Buteyko best to sleep on your stomach or left side.

2 Make sure that when you sleep, breathe through your nose. Believe it or not, breathing through the mouth for many is the cause of difficulty sleeping. Most experts recommend a light tape the nose with adhesive tape. After a few weeks the body "comprehend" what's going on and steady breathing through the nose is natural. (Breathing through the nose during sleep to the Crown for a good sleep!)

3 Do not eat anything at least three hours before bedtime.

4 Try to provide fresh air to the bedroom window and dodging as the cold temperature. Overheating of the body causes adverse physiological changes - such as manifested by an increased heart rate.

5 In the evening, walk around or run around. It helps you "lose" the collected charge (electric smog) and refresh your body. A similar effect as sleeping in a tent in nature - is refreshing and you sleep better, because the body is "connected" to Mother Earth, which means that the load of the body is aligned nearly or completely to zero. The phenomenon known as EARTH.

6 Bedtime perform simple relaxation exercise, loosening the main muscles of my body. (Alternately tensing and relaxing, so after two times the lot of muscles.)

7 Do not drink coffee after 17:00.

8 Do not take personal or business affairs to bed. If it is difficult to silence those thoughts, then give up music. Especially helps the Baroque, as it responds to the heart, slowing to a healthy rhythm of 60 beats per minute. (60 beats per minute is equivalent to the rhythm of music largo.)

9 Put to bed only when you feel tired, never before. If you break this condition, you will lose time lying in bed, trying to sleep. Unfortunately, the power does not go to sleep. The body knows that he has to retire only when he is tired.

I would add one rule: clean colon, giving a sense of lightness. Normally enough food rich in fiber - the "fuel" that drives their work.


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