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Cleansing the liver melon

Treatment Cleansing the liver melon

From how well the liver is functioning very much depends on your body. The mood, emotions, passions, joys and sorrows - all depends on the health of your liver. Condition your skin also tells you about how well the liver is doing its cleansing function. Different patches of skin rashes, itching and, most importantly, suggest that the liver is not doing well.
It turns out that changes in behavior and style of man, they can talk about the problems with the liver. Man gets nervous, irritable, grumbling, always unhappy, suffering from insomnia, nightmares fatigue or drowsiness contrary ....

Time to cleanse the liver using natural remedies ..

Melon in the treatment of liver

Now I will share with you a brand new recipe for home treatment of liver conditions, which you will not find in any other source.

Before beginning treatment, treatment of liver (as well as any other body) it is necessary to prepare the body:
     unsubscribe from toxic substances (alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, smoked and synthetic - Coca-cola, chips, etc.);

     start to use a special diet now for two weeks before treatment: give up meat and processed meat, fish, eggs, milk, cream, bread, flour and pasta products. The menu should consist of raw, boiled or steamed vegetables. You can also eat potatoes, buckwheat and rice.

In the period to prepare for the purification of the liver is good to drink hot green tea with lemon. During the day, drink at least six cups. Hot green tea removed from the body harmful and toxic substances from the liver and pancreas.

Liver cleansing treatment lasts two weeks. The main product is here melon. The most suitable species will be extended ellipsoidal dark green melon.

Every day from 7:00 to 22:00 only eat melon. The quantity is limited, but it is important not to eat erratically. So eat the melon in five daily portions. Before eating melon drink cold green tea, which activates blood circulation in the liver and pancreas. Tea can also be eaten in unlimited quantities.

After an hour of nothing 22 do not eat or drink.

At the end of the two-week treatment of liver must be a gradual transition to eating habits. Transit time of about 3 days.

- The first day of the treatment of liver: breakfast eat two crackers with white bread, sipping hot green tea. Lunch: half a cup of cooked rice on the water. Dinner - two crackers with green tea. Very well during the day have a liter of grape juice, preferably with dark grape varieties.

- Second day: breakfast and dinner, and the last day, at dinner you can eat or cooked vegetables (potatoes, cabbage, zucchini, carrots).

- The third day: for lunch you can eat cooked vegetables and a piece of cooked chicken, breakfast and dinner, and on the last day.

Then, you're ready to eat, as they used to.

     Caution! Be sure not to liver poisoning various poisons and toxins. Be sure to give up the alcohol. As you can, do not eat meat, processed meat, smoked products and synthetic (various preserves, cola, chips, etc.).

Purification feel slightly, improve your mood, you will feel a burst of energy and optimism ..


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