Cleansing fasting

Diet fasting

Treatment of hunger used for centuries by natural medicine as a way to strengthen the body's own healing powers. It is especially purifying the body. Exactly detoxifies the body and causes the release of his defense mechanisms, so that increases resistance to all kinds of infections.

Mileage cure hunger strike

Treatment of hunger is complete fasting for several days. In the course of treatment can not eat anything, but you need to drink at least 3-4 glasses of no-calorie liquids such as water and herbal infusions.

     Caution! The day before treatment fasting drink a glass of kefir or curdled milk, and after fasting for several days on a diet digestible (semolina, sawn fruits, etc. served in small portions and as often).

The effect of fasting cure

Your body because of the lack of other food items that will use fat stores, various types of deposits and surpluses, which system to rejuvenate and cleanse, and you will lose excess pounds.

The duration of fasting

It is recommended to use shorter fasting (one day or more ), because it causes a quick weight loss, but only for a few days. The result is that the body shocked the lack of food begins to drastically slow down your metabolic rate to survive.

Free metabolism pulls consequences rapid weight gain after the end of treatment, fasting and odkładnie stocks for a period of famine.

    Caution! Prolonged fasting can lead to metabolic acidosis, and this is because, for constitutional burn glycogen stores in the first days of fasting and in the next few days longer burn fat without carbohydrates.

The trends contribute to the cessation of (at least partially ) the feeling of hunger, and thus easier to endure starvation, but is harmful to the body.

Individual responses and well-being during the treatment can be very different, and because of this hunger strike is conditional on the response of your body.

    Caution! Sleep disturbances and cardiac unpleasant reactions indicate that fasting is tolerated mentally ill and should be discontinued.

Therefore, the best solution is to conduct a brief hunger strike (1 - a few days ), but regularly, such as 2-3 times a month. This will help maintain a healthy weight.

    Caution! If fasting is expected to last longer than five days, you will need constant medical supervision.


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