How to clean the brain?

Treatment of brain

Treatment of cerebral vessels is important for people who care about their memory. Purification of the brain will help to improve memory and up to twice this without learning poetry by heart :)

However, this does not mean that your brain starts to work as a youth, but you can unlock it tight and you begin to notice that you recall the events that have long since forgotten.

Infusion of hornbeam purify blood brain

You just have to make some inflorescence hornbeam and drink it. Grab a cleansing effect on the blood vessels of the brain, and it eliminates the deposition of calcium salts and other harmful substances, and also strengthens the brain. Actions of brain tumors are often useless when vessels are clogged.

Infusion prepare as follows: a spoonful of flowers hornbeam pour 200 ml of boiling water and leave to infuse for one hour.

Drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day. Treatment of the brain continue treatment for 40 days.

Purification of the brain using walnuts

There are many original ways to cleanse the blood vessels of the brain with walnuts. I suggest you two ways.

Method I: five grind nuts in a food processor or a mortar. One tablespoon of honey, mix with fragmented nuts. The mass mix thoroughly. Add to this mixture cut slice of fresh pineapple. First cut the pineapple into slices with a width of about 1.5 cm. The mixture should be only one slice of pineapple. All mix. Pass the mixture into a bowl of dark glass, cover and place in a dark and cool place for one day (24 hours). After this time the mixture is ready for use.

Dosage: Take 1 tablespoon 4 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal.

Every morning, prepare a new potion for another day. Duration of treatment - one month. Such treatment is good to carry out two times a year.

The result will purify and normalize brain function. This will improve memory, develop concentration, fatigue disappears, and a lot of bad habits.

Method II: This method requires detailed attention. Treatment must be carried out regularly, ie every day for a long time. Every morning, eat one mandarin, a few raisins and three nuts. Each product should eat in such quantity and of such a sequence (do not mix!). After 20 minutes nothing to eat and nothing to drink. After 20 minutes, you can drink a glass of water and you can eat sitting down. The first stable feel the effects only for half a year, but you can not speed up anything.

Elixir of Youth

Mix in equal parts (1:1:1): honey, olive oil (sunflower oil can be, but not refined) and lemon juice. Mix all ingredients thoroughly and drink in the morning on an empty stomach for 30-40 minutes before a meal or after 1 teaspoonful.

Thus prepared, the elixir eliminates headaches, cleanses the blood vessels in the brain, improves memory and overall health.


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