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Treatment of indigestion

How to treat indigestion?

The food that you eat, it takes nearly two days to pass through your digestive system, and if you eat too much of it in the digestive tract does the "crowd," and that hinder digestion and getting rid of waste products along with the toxins.

Well, there is abdominal pain.

How do you help with indigestion?

It should eat chicory, because of its bitter leaves are rich in manganese, and this element improves the metabolism of fats and cholesterol.

They also contain the so-called. intybinÄ™ which stimulates the production and secretion of gastric juice more bile by the liver.

This allows digestion to gather pace.

Well done too bitter tea. Top red (pu-erh).

     Note! You should drink it without sugar, because it neutralizes its valuable properties.

Thanks to the presence of manganese, and it accelerates the metabolism of caffeine.

When indigestion is good to drink tea with cloves. No it is not very tasty, but it helps a lot, because inhibits the fermentation processes in the gut.

Preparation: 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves poured into a glass of boiling water burns covered a few minutes.

Dosage: Drink three times a day with 100 ml.

Herbs for Indigestion

With chamomile or mint come.

Preparation of tea: a tablespoon of dried poured into a glass of boiling water and cover for 10 minutes. Strain.

Dosage: Drink twice a day.

Drink ginger

Preparation: a few slices of fresh ginger rhizomes are filled with hot water in a cup.

Drink the liquid when lightly przestygnie because hot could cause hiccups.

Drink of juniper

Preparation: tablespoon dried juniper berries poured into a glass of water at room temperature. Stir and heat under cover half an hour, while avoiding boiling. Strain.

Drink up to 3 times a day.

And what about heartburn and hiccups?

When you feel a burning in the throat, then you might want to reach for the almonds. 3-4 pieces already sufficient to neutralize the acidic content of food.

     Note! When symptoms should avoid bending over and putting and intense.

However, the hiccups will help slow eating a teaspoon of sugar and a small amount of drinking a small amount of lemon juice (can be diluted with water).

And in the future remember to eat slowly and do not swallow air.


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