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Candida infection treatment

The triumph of Candida: eat this, do not eat that

What do you do to give you a hard time this fungus?
Especially since, according to the study in the private Rice University in Houston (USA), to a greater or lesser extent, 70% of the population is infected.

Of course, you can wait until the overgrowth of Candida is so strong that it will bounce back to health, bay, fatigue, depression ...

 OR: You can spend the next few minutes to read my post.

In any case - to banish from the life of this fungus, first you need to remove it from the diet, which feeds him. Otherwise, there remains a feeling that whatever he touched, does not work. How does act as Candida and it still is doing well?
WHAT TO REMOVE from the menu, DO NOT EAT MORE Candida

This fungus feeds practically only one source of energy: simple carbohydrates such as glucose, fructose, lactose. They are, unfortunately, almost all the popular fruit.

While the fruit for people with healthy intestines are a great food for people with damaged gut can be a real nightmare: lead to drowsiness, nausea, jumping mood and mental haze. Avocado is not only feeds Candida. Alternatively grapefruit.

Among all citrus, lemons and limes are the most safe for candidiasis. But, after all, as they can have a negative resonance due to the presence of acids, which can irritate the bowel poor.

How are you? Is the fruit actually stimulate the activity of Candida? Take this simple test: in three days (experience shows that it is sufficient enough) exclude from the diet all the fruit and white sugar (not only in coffee, but cookies!). It briefly reduced activity of Candida.

Usually, you can see the difference in the level of energy during the day and less dirt on the toilet paper.

You do not need special limited complex carbohydrates, eg wholemeal bread. Although Candida can feed it to a lesser extent than simple carbohydrates. And most especially, if I chew every bite. Ideally chewed mouthful of complex carbohydrates up to 80% is digested in the mouth. It is a great support to the bowel, pancreas and duodenum. 

Thus, the first and most important step: abstain from simple sugars. If you really care about your health when you light the entry of Google and look for what products are made up of sugars (or carbohydrates) simple.

What to add to a menu, smash TO CANDIDA The DUST

One of the most powerful conquerors Candida turns out to be coconut oil. She has caprylic acid, a powerful anti-fungal remedy.

Coconut oil is further, but rather primarily source of good fats. Like the rest of the coconut milk and cream of coconut.

If you do not occur in the gut inflammation and lesions, adding to the diet of onions, oregano, thyme, garlic (very strong conqueror of mushrooms!) Is also closer to freedom from Candida

Interestingly in antifungal treatment is doing Lapacho tea.

And: fiber. You can not dig up the life of Candida, if the time is not empty "junk" from the gut.

Battle of Candida is not easy, but it is to win. As has been able to recover and keep the colon healthy, you can gradually return to the fruit. 


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