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Can the liver regenerate

What regenerates the liver?

The liver is the organ that has a large regeneration capacity, rebuilding damaged or missing parts . Maybe even largely recover from a long illness.

The most famous of liver disease include hepatitis, cirrhosis and fatty liver . The authority has an adverse effect such as: virus mononucleosis , measles , chicken pox , mumps , cytomegalovirus , rubella , and besides alcohol is also a high risk of alcohol abuse .

Remember! For liver every drug is a foreign substance and try it as soon as possible to break down her and removed from the body at the expense of its own , and it will be for no more difficult , the dose exceeds its capabilities.

Harmful effects on the liver have antibiotics, drugs that contain hormones , some anti-tuberculosis drugs, antiarrhythmic , cytostatics , vitamin A, high doses of paracetamol.

Toxic (chronic ) effects on the liver (not ad hoc ) is a medication - inflammatory analgesic , which are used in diseases of the joints, bones and musculoskeletal system .

Too high doses of drugs and their misuse can cause fatty liver . The most commonly abused medicines include :
    pain relievers, tranquilizers , sleeping pills and laxatives .

The most harmful drugs to the liver include:

    antibiotics , pain killers , some contraceptives and anti-inflammatory .

Remember! Use medications with caution.

Particular attention should be paid to non-prescription medicines , to control the quantity of medication (eg pain ) .

Remember! For example, paracetamol is available under different trade names and can easily damage the liver when you exceed the allowable daily dose and glutanionu reserves run out , which is a natural antidote produced and stored within the liver.

It should also be borne in mind that, when problems with the liver does not take painkillers because they charged extra liver.

All the drugs that are taken orally pass through the liver, and some of them are toxic to it and therefore should be accepted only when there is a necessity.

Remember! People with liver disease must be fully informed of this fact doctors that you are able to customize the least harmful drugs to the liver. We should also carefully read the leaflets, which are attached to drugs.

Very well the liver is doing B complex vitamins that stimulate the metabolism of fats and extracts of herbs known . hepatoprotectors action ( in saving liver cells ) .

The most effective herbal remedies to treat chronic liver disease are extracts :

    Milk thistle seed

    artichoke herb .

These are herbs having a hepatoprotectors .

Milk thistle the liver detoxifies and regenerates

Milk thistle contains silymarin, which is a substance increasing the regenerative capacity of the liver cells, acts bile, anti-inflammatory and detoxication .

Remember! Preparations of milk thistle thistle are potent antioxidants than vitamin E , which protect not only the liver, but also the whole body , especially the brain from attack by free radicals .

In recent years, studies have shown that milk thistle has a remarkable efficacy in the treatment of liver diseases . This herb is closely related to sunflower and cure diseases caused such as a result of acute and chronic poisoning.

It also helps in acute viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, or liver steatosis . The fruits of this herb can stimulate the liver cells ( hepatocytes ) to regenerate and even the state of damaged cells can be improved. It also stimulates the formation of new liver cells and, therefore , has been applied to the liver damage caused by harmful substances , as well as ancillary therapy and chronic viral hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Milk thistle fruits (seeds ) contain up to 2-3% silymarin .

Medicinal properties :

    Milk thistle fruits are used primarily in diseases of the liver and bile ducts ;

    decoctions and tinctures also against hemorrhages to strengthen the blood vessels , for increasing secretion of gastric juice , to facilitate the absorption of nutrients . In medicine, widely used as silymarin against poison attacking the liver parenchyma , such as the mushroom poisonings .

Milk thistle is used in liver ailments such as:
• cirrhosis of the liver ;

• fatty degeneration ;

• damage caused by alcohol , drugs , drugs , other toxic substances ;

• inflammation of the liver and impair its function ;

• gallbladder pain .


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