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Dihydromyricetin (DHM) - how it works on the liver?

What it is and how it works on the liver - dihydromyricetin(DHM)

Failure and cirrhosis of the liver are very serious conditions that concern for both patients and doctors. Scientists have recently turned attention to the new plant, which probably helps the liver. This plant is a Japanese Raisin Tree. Includes dihydromyricetin (DHM), and it was she who raised hopes among professionals.

Our liver is an organ that has the amazing ability to repair itself. However attacked lifelong toxins, drugs, chemical food additives, various types of pollution, just have the right to rebel. Sometimes (especially when it is destroyed by virus diseases) can not keep up with the reconstruction and repair of cells.

From cosmetics to ... liver

Dihydromyricetin (abbreviated DHM) - a flavonoid that has been found in the leaves and flowers howenii. So far, it mainly used in cosmetology, because:

     inhibits hair growth, and therefore part of the hair removal creams;

     part of some slimming lotions and designed to combat cellulite.

Also enhances the decomposition of body fat, but also makes it impossible to rebuild. According to some, it also has the ability to inhibit proliferation of adipocytes - fat cells.

DHM and ... rats after alcohol play worse

What is the relationship between dihydromyricetin and liver?

Researchers in California conducted an interesting experiment, which dealt with alcohol poisoning symptoms and reduced under the influence of dihydromyricetin. The tests have been rats and observed that animals treated with alcohol and DHM, then began to lose control of the body, than those who received only alcohol.

In addition, rats treated with DHM previously ceased to present symptoms of intoxication.

This may indicate that the metabolism of alcohol, which takes place mainly in the liver occurred in them much more efficiently.

The conclusion?

We can assume that dihydromyricetin supports the work of the organ.

However, according to some, the DHM mechanism of action is based primarily on blocking the effects of alcohol on GABA receptors that are found in the brain and are responsible for the symptoms of alcohol intoxication.

Currently, clinical trials are planned that will involve the use of DHM in the treatment of alcoholism. Scientists live in the hope that this will be effective substance dependent patients and help them overcome this addiction.

Estimated that more than 75milinów people in the world has a problem with excessive alcohol consumption.

Japanese Raisin Tree as honey

Japanese Raisin Tree (Hovenia dulcis) plant that is found naturally in Asian countries - Korea, Japan, China. It is a tall tree that grows up to 20 feet high! It features large, ovate leaves. It is grown primarily as an ornamental plant. After a period of flowering stems of flowers turns brown. They are edible and sweet. The seeds, branches and leaves of sweet extract is produced, which can be regarded as a less expensive substitute honey.

Did you know that .... avoid the plants from the garden of Nature is not praiseworthy. Because, for example, silymarin, a powerful natural antioxidant, and sweep the body's free radicals that can damage cells exposed to toxins. According to the book 'Plant Flavonoids in Biology and Medicine "in 1986, pages 545-558, silymarin is at least ten times stronger antioxidant than vitamin E. celebrity.
The source of the milk thistle is silymarin.


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