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Herbs for gallstones

Herbs in the treatment of gallstones

Bile is a secretion, excretion and also the liver, which contains compounds needed for our body as waste products, as well as physiological foreign trade.

Bile, which is located in the gallbladder is alkaline and contains acids and bile pigments, body proteins, and compounds acting as alkaloids, preventing the precipitation of solids.

The bile come yet: cholesterol, phospholipids, fatty acids, trace of urea and uric acid, glucuronides, chlorides, sulfates, phosphates and other salts.

Gallbladder emptying regulates hormone cholecystokina. Excreted per day in about 100 ml of bile.

Bile acids are involved in the digestion of fats and the absorption of vitamins. K. biliwerdyna bilirubin and which dyes are derivatives of bile pigments is blood. Conversion of hemoglobin from the red blood cell breakdown of bile pigment occurs in the liver and spleen.

Remember! If you want your liver is working well, it's your diet should be varied, and you should be physically active and play sports, because movement increases the secretion of bile from the liver and gallbladder to the intestine again.

This is to prevent stagnation of bile in the gallbladder and bile ducts.

     Note! This way you can prevent the formation of gallstones, obesity and atherosclerosis.

The blood that flows through our body collects all of our muscles lactic acid, as well as many other waste products and carry them to the liver. There arises glycogen, dyes and bile acids, which accumulate in the liver healthy. The gallbladder, bile enters the duodenum and there breaks hard to digest animal protein, which your body needs, the more, the more we work and physical effort.

Gallbladder during our sleep is not working. Therefore, especially with a heavy and hearty dinners and the lack of physical activity - insufficient amount of bile excreted into the intestine. To cause cholestasis, which is the most common (but not exclusive) cause the formation of gallstones.

The first symptom is pain in their gripping around the waist, which testifies to the irritation of the gall bladder and his evil work. Ultrasound examination may reveal the presence of yet only stones and bouts of pain that radiates to the right shoulder or back, can attest to the fact that the stone is formed.

Before the state can be hard to protect and prevent the disease, the more that it does not come overnight, but there is often quite a few years.

     Note! Gallstones are formed very slowly.

Bile herbal remedies

These include:

     kocanki flower, flower rowan, knotweed herb, yarrow herb, St. John's wort, elderberry fruit, elderberry leaves, leaf and bark buckthorn Bobrka.

Hardest working buckthorn bark, but you need to remember here that for too long the application can sometimes grow weaker result and a better solution is to use it as a temporary measure that will be used only to break the filibuster, and then apply the weaker, but also effective herbs, especially if they are no longer taking.

Herbs should burn in the proportion tablespoon finely chopped herb per cup of boiling water and drink two or three times a day before meals rather.

Buckthorn bark is boiled in the same ratio. Here one must bear in mind that the longer the stock is cooked, the more powerful it is.


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