Diet good for liver

Two diet for liver

Our liver acts as a filter and neutralize toxins. Often instead of helping in this task, in addition to the charge with.
It is therefore important to change and gain a better mood.

Liver fat-free diet

Caution! The biggest enemy of the liver (along with alcohol) are saturated animal fats.
This diet is resigning from a heavy greasy.

Principles of treatment of hepatic fat-free

You should eat only lean meat.

Of course you can not quite give it up, because it contains a protein that restores the liver, but you need to choose lean species - poultry (without skin), veal and fish.
It is put on healthy potatoes, and diet to exclude lard and butter. Bread is best not to lubricate the like, and to use only oil salad dressing or olive oil.

Cream soups and sauces should be replaced with a light yogurt.

Caution! Big valuable for liver proteins in skim milk and its products, and therefore you need to cook with them two meals a day.
You have to reduce the sugar and sweets, because their excess promotes fatty liver. To sweeten the use of honey or stevia if necessary.

The diet should be included in products that help digest fats and dissolve deposits of bile, and efficiently operate:

     artichokes and grapes, as well as chicory and fresh ginger.

Liver Cleansing Diet

The liver detoxifies harmful substances for us, and when it is too busy, that he can not cope with the excess.

Caution! Because of this, every 3 months for 10 days use easy diet cleanse.

Rules liver cleansing treatment

You have to drink min. 2 liters of fluid a day. At least 1 liter of mineral water with lemon juice (a potent detoxifying), green tea and herbal infusions.

Eat five small meals, which should consist mainly of fruits and vegetables (must be half servings of vegetables).

The diet include olive oil, 2 tablespoons daily consumed as a food additive. It is a rich source of vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids, which help remove toxins.

You have to avoid salt because retains water, and this slows down the removal of harmful substances and toxic cancel dishes, which include all the fried foods and fast food.

Herbs for Liver

Try a herbal infusions that bring quick relief.

St. John's Wort: has the characteristics of Bile, and brew it helps digestion of fats. Similar action is thyme.

Fennel: reduces colic liver and brew helps digestion, soothes stomach ulcers.

Mint: flatulence, regulates digestion, carminative action.


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