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Treatment Cleansing Dr. Mayr

7-day cleansing diet Dr. Mayr

Treatment that goes back 100 years, but is still very popular. At this time, Dr. Mayr is used as a cleansing and slimming treatment in sanatoriums and clinics involved in the treatment of obesity.

It is a low-protein and low-calorie diet.

     Caution! Very important here is special "technique chew every bite", as well as the principle of grinding products before eating.

Consumed products are low in protein and niezakwaszajÄ…ce body. Dr. Mayr cure lasts seven days, for a very short time, you do not have to worry about the harmful health effects of protein deficiency.

Mileage cleansing treatment Dr. Mayr

Phase One: The first and second day of treatment, the initial phase. You will learn the proper way to crush and chew food.

By shredding vegetables such as celery carrots, red beets, parsnips, turnips, kohlrabi, cauliflower, radish grater, use a fine mesh. The coarse grater chop vegetables like zucchini. However, cabbage, celery, fennel, cucumbers and onions cut in thin strips, the thicker straps: spinach, peppers, lettuce garden. Tomatoes need to cut into slices, not shred lettuce and watercress.

    Caution! For this treatment is very important as eating bread that must be cut into small pieces and chew slowly saturating saliva until the feel slightly sweet flavor. Individual pieces after chewing need to drink a teaspoon of vegetable juice and take a break for a few deep breaths. Only after this goes to the next song. You should eat until you feel a slight saturation.

In the first phase of treatment, eat vegetables, fruits, whole wheat bread, vegetable juices, as well as the infusion of medical goat, which suppresses hunger.

    Caution! Daily caloric value of meals should not exceed 1000 calories.

Phase Two: This step of the treatment, Dr. Mayr starts after two days. It should eat the same and in the same manner as the first two days, but a diet supplemented with an additional 15 g of protein from lean milk products.

Treatment is not a special burden on the body, and after its completion can immediately go to a normal diet.

Eat it and lower your cholesterol

I would like to encourage you to make your diet a little at our popular, but very valuable garbanzo (chickpea).

We recommend it for regular use in macrobiotic cuisine is a rich source of protein, unsaturated fatty acids, iron and many vitamins. Caution! One cup of chickpeas contains more complete protein than beef steak.

And most importantly: chickpeas effectively removes excess cholesterol from the arteries.

You could come to life in many ways, and I recommend you one of the most popular:

Hummus - chickpea pie

Ingredients: 1 cup chickpeas soaked overnight cook until soft | 2 cloves garlic | 4 tablespoons shredded parsley | 4 tablespoons of natural yogurt | lemon juice, sea salt | to add color add turmeric and pepper

Preparation: All ingredients blend together. Use a paste of bread spread on whole wheat discs, or eat with raw carrots, celery, cucumber as a "dip".

Enjoy :)


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