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Liver disease treatment

How to treat liver - as the liver and gallbladder?

Liver ailments typically rely on liver failure, poor secretion of bile, it is often also the greasy.

Herbs used in the diseased liver

The liver is used:

Helichrysum flower sand (immortal) - stimulates the liver cells to manufacture and secrete bile, increases the secretion of gastric juice, improves pancreatic and seals blood vessels.

Dandelion root - prevents accumulation of fat in the liver, helps to improve the appetite and increases the secretion of gastric juices and bile, and also has a very positive effect on the nervous system, liver and gallbladder.

Peppermint leaf - a measure bile, antispasmodic, warming, is also of great importance in the treatment of gastrointestinal cramps and may aid in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers (especially when the disease was excessive acidity of gastric juice).

Yarrow - a measure that has been repeatedly tested by a number of research institutes in terms of outstanding actions antihemorrhagic. Also acts preferably on the circulation, have antispasmodic effects on blood vessels and acts preferably on digestive disorders, especially when the substrate is inflammation of the nervous system.
Buckthorn Bark - stimulates bowel movement appendix, has a choleretic and disinfects the digestive tract.

Remember! All these herbs in suitable proportions are a component of herbal mixture "Cholagoga II".

Mild hepatic

Measures that are used quite a time:

     bobrek leaf, lightning, St. John's wort, and the well-known digestive spices - cumin, dill, marjoram, anise and black cumin.

Cumin and marjoram are added to dishes of peas and cabbage, dill and potato soup, a bread sweet anise.

Diseases of the liver and other digestive organs in our country are the most common ailments and therefore herbal industry has long developed and manufactures herbal remedies, and every year there is a new formulation.

Herbal remedies used to treat liver diseases

The liver is used:

Alax ( dragees laxative ), which are used to habitual constipation, bowel paresis, food poisoning and indigestion.

Altra ( dragees laxative ) - the same use as Alax .

Calmagina ( bitter pellets ) which are used in digestive disorders, loss of appetite, chronic gastrointestinal disorders, excessive fermentation in the digestive tract, flatulence and indigestion.

Cholegran ( granules), which are used to cholelithiasis, cholecystitis and biliary tract, defective metabolism disorders, hepatobiliary system , and chronic constipation .

Medical yeast (tablets ), which are used to deficiency of vitamin B, intestinal diseases that cause constipation, impaired metabolism, all the states of liver damage, skin diseases ( furunculosis, psoriasis and acne ).

Raphacholin ( pellets ), which are used in inflammation of the gallbladder and bile duct, bile reduced liver function, with cholelithiasis and flatulence and constipation.

Rhizoma Rhei (tablets ), which are used for chronic constipation, food poisoning and indigestion.

The juice of fresh wort, which is used for treatment of diseases of liver, inflammation of the gall and bile duct, stomach and intestinal catarrh .

Burdock juice, which is used in metabolic disorders, digestive tract catarrhs ​​and disorders of the liver and gallbladder .

Dandelion juice, used in the absence of appetite, metabolism disorders .

Remember! Even a healthy liver hurt: first of all, and still lives in the diet , the calories is disproportionately high relative to the amount of work performed physical, sports, traffic, etc. It is carried out in such a way that life ( sometimes for years ), and no food is cause fatigue, liver , whose primary function is the production of bile.

We must also remember about vitamin C. Its host is the body's liver and she needs this vitamin most (but not much ) .

Remember! The more vitamin C delivered the liver (even small amounts) , the longer it will retain its efficiency .

Other vitamins needed liver ( in small quantities and not so common) : the family of vitamins B and C and P.


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