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Alcohol effects on the liver

Alcohol and liver

Alcohol, of course, reduces customs, but you can not eat it too often and in excessive quantities. It is also worth making the periodic interruption of intoxicating liquors and take preparations that contain silymarin, such as milk thistle.

Alcohol is a toxin, sometimes very serious, and it is multi-functional liver is responsible for neutralizing harmful toxins.

Alcohol taken occasionally and at reasonable doses does not ravage your liver parenchymal structure, as the largest gland in moderate amounts is able to deal with and effectively remove them from the bloodstream.

If you are a woman, you can try a glass of red wine a day, and if a man is on two ... :)

The effects of drinking vodka

The problem comes when you drink too much and you cross moderation and willingly reach for a high percentage of drinks.

     Caution! Regular consumption of hard liquor makes the scale and pace of destruction of hepatocytes (the basic building blocks of the liver) than their regenerative abilities.

Why ethyl alcohol is so dangerous? Because the:
      ethanol interferes with the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

      ethanol activated stellate cells for the production of connective tissue. As a result, after some time, change the anatomic structure of the organ. Number of regenerative nodules (scarring) impedes the flow of blood between the vessel and liver cells to die and gland longer serve any purpose.

     abuse of ethanol leads to a fatty liver and its fibrosis, or cirrhosis. The latter condition can be either a direct consequence of frequent recourse to drinks spikes that and the result steatosis.

The deposition of fat cells in the liver parenchyma can still stop and return it to its normal state, but unfortunately, cirrhosis, an irreversible process. Currently, it is possible to slow down - or at an early stage of the disease - stop its rate, and prevent complications (such as diabetes, renal failure, disorders of the brain, esophageal varices). Salvation is here for a transplant, though, and the liver may appear inflamed, and it poses a risk of organ fibrosis.

What can I do to quickly evacuate the liver?

Need at least a month break from any of ethyl alcohol. 30 days total abstinence will help your "treatment" in the return to good form.

The first signs of disease from alcohol:

     frequent pain in the upper quadrant;
     feeling of fullness;

     Caution! If you're troubled by these problems, and you know that you drink a lot of alcohol, you have to absolutely give up drinking liquor and go on a diet low fat and low sodium.

How to effectively confirm liver disease?

Confirm the various tests:

     liver function tests,
     Ultrasound, MRI,

You should do them periodically. This is very important because the typical symptoms of liver fibrosis appear only when it comes to have a serious (80%!) ... Fatty tissue damage and cirrhosis have a very long process and not present themselves, or bring symptoms not typical (eg insomnia , itching, constant fatigue).

What is essential to help the diseased liver? - silymarin

If you apply rehab, it's worth it to support natural agents that:

     inhibit the progress of scar formation,
     stabilizes the cell membrane of hepatocytes
     favor the rebuilding of the liver,
     protect it from damage ....

and that such is contained in milk thistle, silymarin.

It is a complex chemical compounds that will help not only your liver - it also has a positive impact on the status and functioning of the gallbladder and bile ducts.


     combat inflammation,
     relaxes the bile ducts,
     works bile,
     helps guard against gallstones,
     is also useful in the treatment of atherosclerotic and anti-cholesterol - inhibits the precipitation of plaques and lowers LDL.

Liver surely reward for milk thistle :)


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