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How to deal with diarrhea?

What is good for diarrhea?

The attack of diarrhea was probably all of us. It is sometimes dangerous, but in most cases this is quite trivial ailment, which is fairly easy to treat.

How to agents that are available in the pharmacy (no prescription) to cope with diarrhea?

The most dangerous diarrhea is dehydration. If it is not, this diarrhea can be considered very trivial disease.

How to check if you are dehydrated?

The key symptom of dehydration is thirst. If you want us to drink, it is a sign of the existing drainage. In contrast, it becomes dangerous dehydration while returning the capillary is longer than usual.

How to check the return capillary?

Please press a fingernail and watch pales when we let go again becomes red. If this is done quickly, it means that everything is in order. If it gets red slowly, over two seconds, it means that we're dealing with dehydration and then should go to the doctor.

The most important treatment of diarrhea is to stop the same symptom, loose stools.

Therefore, there are two basic methods to do so.

The first of these methods is activated carbon. Available at any pharmacy in the price of a few gold (sold practically everywhere). For coal to work, you have to take it in a really high dose .Do not just take 1,2,3 tablets, but you have to immediately eat 20 tablets. Such a large dose may be surprising, but only in an amount of activated charcoal has a chance to stop diarrhea and indeed it does.

Next effective way to stop the diarrhea is to use a measure which is called loperamide. It exists in many different forms, is offered by many companies.

It all boils down to two small capsules to be taken and if the diarrhea persists it all game, and if not resolved, then after 2 hours again take another 2 capsules, once again another 2 capsules after the next 2 hours, if diarrhea persists further .

Such treatment must be combined with the normal food. Once the diarrhea pastes used, some cereal products ( some weird food ) and it was foreign to the body, unusual, and it only really worse problem.

If you have diarrhea, you eat as usual (this is what we want ).

If diarrhea is accompanied by symptoms such as blood or mucus in the stool, and in addition you can not stop the above-mentioned methods, it is necessary to go to the doctor, because diarrhea can cause generalized infection, or severe dehydration, which you can not make yourself drinking and then you will have to necessarily connect the drip.


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