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Cirrhosis of liver

How to prevent cirrhosis of the liver?

Contrary to appearances, this problem is not just alcoholics, because sometimes bad habits can act on the liver as paralyzing as the long-term drinking liquor in unfavorable numbers.

What else leads to cirrhosis of the liver and how to prevent it?

While the disease to healthy tissue between hepatocytes and blood vessels is somewhat trampled by scar tissue ... and that part just overgrown. The blood flow in the liver is difficult ... and this disrupts the execution of 500 functions (!) Under the responsibility of the organ.

Myth alcohol, true nutrition

It is generally believed that cirrhosis of the liver affects affects abusers. Yes, regularly drunk excessive amounts of alcohol is a serious threat to the hepatocytes, but you can not fall asleep their vigilance in style:

     I do not drink alcohol, my liver is healthy and will ...


Because not only alcohol can ruin your liver!

Percentage beverages account for only 15% of cases, so where is the other 85%?

What else weakens the liver?

      fat (especially the animal) and the excess calories that can lead to fatty organ

     viruses that cause hepatitis (20 per cent. of them with fibrosis),

     long and too often used drugs.

Much less organ fibrosis is a consequence of:

     untreated diabetes, chronic heart failure, which is caused by coronary artery disease, severe poisoning (e.g. Amanita phalloides, chemicals), genetic disorders (such as Wilson's disease, which involves the accumulation of copper in the liver), unexplained by medicine autoimmune damage (body produces then the antibodies that destroy the structure of the pulp) or due to excess bile or pozapalnym congenital atresia of the bile ducts.

Beware of the man, because you will cut the liver ..

So abstinence is not enough to protect you from cirrhosis of the liver. It has:

     get vaccinated against hepatitis,

     a responsible social life (use condoms to avoid casual adventures)

     be careful when beauty treatments in the salons of piercing, tattooing, and the hairdresser and beautician,

     always wash hands after returning home,

     switch to easily digestible, low-fat diet high in fiber (replace high-fat products such "light" - it is not difficult and does not impoverish the advantages of flavors, the most difficult in all of this to change your mind ...)

     eliminate fried foods from your diet for those cooked in its own juice stewed or baked in foil or parchment,

     eat at fixed times and without haste,

     take the shortest as possible, and only as a last resort analgesic and anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals and antibiotics.

Nature will help you ... naturally!

Unfortunately, despite the fact that some drugs are a potential threat to the liver (eg, those made ​​in the treatment of AIDS or birth control) and so should be taken ... That's why it is necessary to protect himself against the adverse effects!

And do it without resorting to synthetic preparations :)

With the help you'll get nature, which is to offer herbs such as milk thistle, artichoke, knot-grass, turmeric and Orc Boldo.

The most common and most easily accessible is the first. Milk thistle is a source of silymarin, which has many valuable health properties. To protect the liver or stop the progression of the disease should be taken daily, either directly or as a supplement to other foods appropriate amount (1-3 tbsp) freshly ground seeds or chew 15-30 grains. So easiest deliver the so-called silymarin. "Holy thistle" :)

The positive effects of the substance on your internal sewage seen after several weeks of treatment. And - most important - you do not have to interrupt her, because milk thistle does not cause any side effects.

Take milk thistle and liver let you about it does not hurt.


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