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Cholesterol-lowering products

What lowers cholesterol?

Fatty and salty food (on a daily basis is a frequent guest on the tables) is dangerous for the body. It is worth to try to get to the daily menu so that the food started to serve our health.

Learn, therefore, to replace the components and additives incorporated into your daily diet.

Rapeseed oil on cholesterol

It can be used instead of sunflower oil, and even olive oil.

We recommend it because it contains a lot of valuable omega, and that in the best possible ratio (omega-6 to omega-3 and 2-1). No other oil (even olive oil) there is no such storage.

Canola oil is also a wealth of pro-vitamin A and vitamin E, which also reduce LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

Enough oil 2 teaspoons a day, and will be completely covered by the body needs omega.

Remember! Best eat it raw (as an addition to salads).

Canola oil retains its good properties when it is stored:

     in a cool place (preferably in the refrigerator on the bottom shelf);

     the absence of light (it should not be long on the kitchen counter or be kept in the glass cabinet;

     to twist the bottle (it will reduce the supply of oxygen and the oxidation of beneficial health ingredients).

One and the same portion of the oil used for frying only once.

Saltwater fish for cholesterol

It should replace them all kinds of roast meat. We recommend eating salmon, tuna, herring and hake, which are baked on a grill or in a film, or in the form of cooked meatballs.

It is an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids. Sea fish (like canola oil) contribute to the improvement of blood lipids (lower bad LDL cholesterol, increase good HDL).

They include DHA, which in addition to beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and heart stimulates the brain and eyesight.

Fish need to eat regularly, preferably at least 2 times a week (every 2-3 days). The recommended dose is at least 200g (week no less than 450g).

Cranberries on cholesterol

Cranberries can be eaten at will. Jam, sauce, jelly, juice - it preserves very desirable in daily menu. Cranberry is providers, antioxidants, and thus can reduce the harmful LDL cholesterol levels and the arteries are well protected against inflammatory processes.

Similar effects on the circulatory system is the fruit of blueberries.

Just eat half a glass a day of cranberry jam and a cup of juice, and provide the body with the necessary dose of antioxidants.

Natural yoghurt on cholesterol

It is worth it to replace the traditional mayonnaise. Complement vegetable salad, glorified egg halves, and you can even spread the slices of sausage.

Remember! Improve the taste of yogurt fresh herbs, chopped garlic or onion.

It is a natural source of linoleic acid, CLA and calcium. Obas components mean that the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Healthy margarine for cholesterol

Butter should be replaced by low-fat margarine, which is enriched with plant sterols and stanols.

These are products that reduce the level of low density lipoprotein.

Recipe for a healthy butter: with boiled peas (or beans) you paste or crushed ripe avocado. The mass add your favorite spices or herbs (no salt!). Good spreads.

It should also eat garlic, onions, chives and He'll see it only on your health. They reduce not only cholesterol, but also blood pressure (especially garlic has such properties) - even by a few individuals.

Drinks and infusions on cholesterol

Red wine: light dinner served to provide the body with anti-atherosclerotic protection. No one can drink more than 125 ml per day.

Black tea (weak) has called. theaflavin, which change position of certain structures in the intestine and thus to inhibit uptake of bad cholesterol fatty foods.

An infusion of hawthorn fruit, one of the most valuable natural medicines to prevent atherosclerosis (a teaspoon of dried fruit is flooded with half a glass of lukewarm water and heated 30 minutes - without boiling. Strain and drink.

Remember! Every day you should eat at least two pieces of fruit and vegetables 3 pieces because it provides the body with fiber, and it prevents the absorption of fat and cholesterol from food.

Decrease the viscosity of the blood, and the artery will be well protected against free radicals.

Remember! An additional benefit is the increase resistance to infection, which may be charged to the heart.


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