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Wheat bran laxatives

Natural laxatives

Wheat Bran - the best natural remedy for constipation, and avoiding constipation reduces the risk of hemorrhoids, diverticulitis intestinal varices, hiatal hernia, and possibly colon cancer.
Note! Wheat bran does not cause a reduction in blood cholesterol levels or decrease high blood pressure, and are also some special activities for our cardiovascular system.

Owe their strength fiber content.

Note! Bran (the outer sheath of wheat), the richest known source of insoluble fiber to us.
Very important is the fact that wheat bran with us cause a significant increase in the volume of the stool, and this according to experts is crucial in the fight against constipation and other digestive problems.

And it reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.

Wheat bran - power laxative

They enjoy a legendary reputation due to the ability of the treatment of constipation.

Note! Nothing can compete with them in terms of the ability to produce looser, and abundant stool slower, faster it passes through the large intestine, and also a positive effect on intestinal all transformations.
Studies were conducted - in which the group fed 19 healthy men bran, carrots, cabbage and apples. The researchers found that fruits and vegetables are indeed effective, but far from the bran.

Already 50 g of wheat bran resulted in a doubling of fecal masses, and to achieve the same effect need 14 slices of wholemeal bread, 4 and half bowl of cooked carrots, 5 bowls of boiled cabbage or 11 apples.

So as you can see fruits and vegetables act, but it is still bran are by far the best.

The therapeutic effect of wheat bran

Wheat bran:
  • eliminate constipation ;
  • prevent diverticulosis of the colon, varicose veins , hemorrhoids , and hiatal hernia of the diaphragm;
  • generally improve the functioning of the intestines ;
  • are associated with a lower rate of incidence of colorectal cancer.
Note! If you want to get a laxative effect, it is sufficient that the 3 tablespoons of ordinary bran or 30 g of bran flakes every day. In some people, two times the amount can already cause diarrhea, although, according to studies are individual reactions.
People who suffer from constipation, you probably need just more of the bran to achieve regular bowel movements. The study ( Dr. Cummings ) showed great variation in response to dietary fiber and therefore some people must receive six times the amount of fiber to increase stool volume.

Note! The more coarse bran ingredients are, the better the results. Bran should add to your meals gradually, little by little, instead of eating once a large portion of them. You have to observe the effects.
Possible side effects:
  • eating too much wheat bran may cause diarrhea;
  • people with bowel diverticulosis should not reach only upon the advice of a doctor , because too much bran can cause obstruction;
  • foods with a high fiber content are not indicated in patients with Crohn's disease and inflammatory bowel disease.


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