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How to take care of liver?

How to care for liver and gallbladder?

We already know that liver disease due to the functions they are one and the important organ, can have serious consequences for the whole organism. The liver is particularly vulnerable to poisoning, inter alia resulting from the consumption of excessive amounts of drugs. Other causes of liver disease are also viruses and parasites. It is widely recognized that diet is one of the pillars of both prevention and treatment of liver diseases.
The best weapon in the fight against many diseases and health risks in the liver is prevention in the form of personal hygiene, proper diet and vaccinations.

Generally we can say that if our entire body and liver is working properly, to keep the liver in good shape we need to ensure adequate nutrition, reducing stress and possibly lead a healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Featured are the vaccination against viral infection A and B against infection with hepatitis C does not have the vaccine.

To understand how to take care of the liver , examine the factors that are particularly dangerous to the liver cells .

¨ The liver as a result of poisoning toxins from different backgrounds can cause severe damage. The highly hepatotoxic agents include: nitropropane , heavy metals , pesticides , carbon tetrachloride , phosphorus , chloroform, certain preservatives . In this case, the significant role played by the increasing pollution of the environment in which we live today , and the increasing use of various chemicals in crop production and food industry.

¨ Viral infections are factors that can go unnoticed for years and gradually destroy the liver. Today 's most dangerous for hepatocytes is considered RNA viruses : HAV , HCV and DNA viruses : HBV , CMV , EBV , HSV .

¨ Severe liver damage may result in the application , especially incompetent , certain medications or appearance of the interaction between the different preparations , alcohol or drugs. A typical therapeutic drug safety that the overdose may pose a threat to hepatocytes is paracetamol . Examples of drugs containing acetaminophen are Panadol , APAP , Codipar and many combination products , such as Gripex , Fervex . Exceeding the maximum doses causes the appearance of necrotic lesions in liver tissues . However, acetylsalicylic acid derivatives , such as Aspirin, Polopiryna , Upsarin , without hazard to the liver in adults , in turn, be used in children under 12 years of age causing danger of life-threatening complications. You also need to include other medicines that improper use may cause liver damage. These include some cytostatics (e.g. methotrexate) , vitamin A, diclofenac . It is also worth mentioning that, statistically, women are more susceptible to drug-induced damage than men.
In the U.S., acetaminophen overdose is the second most common cause of deaths from drug poisoning.

¨ Chronic abuse of alcohol and its consumption causes excessive alcoholic fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, and thus - also decrease the efficiency of the immune system. Ethanol is metabolized mainly in the liver, and its toxic metabolite, acetaldehyde, destroys the membrane of hepatocytes and lowers the body's innate immunity.

¨ Phenomenon particularly dangerous and fairly frequent in Poland is poison mushrooms, especially Amanita phalloides (Amanita phalloides). Poisoning the often ends with a strong liver damage or death.

Severe liver poisoning death threat! Severe damage to an excess of nutrients or toxins, drug-induced hepatitis is possible - despite the unusual features of liver detoxifying the body of toxins and self-healing. This type of threat is eating Death Cap containing a deadly poison to the liver. List of poisons that quickly and irreversible damage to the liver is long. Poisoning caused by a strong loss of neutralizing toxins means death within several hours, due to a general poisoning of the body!

¨ extensive damage to the liver can be caused by bacterial infection, as well as by protozoa and worms causing Helminthiasis.

¨ With the increase in smuggling there are more and more new and often very dangerous substances. Drug heavily damaged liver is cocaine, which further enhances the hepatotoxicity of alcohol.

¨ Highly important in liver damage are also genetic factors (eg lack of specific enzymes) or metabolic factors associated with such diseases as diabetes, gout, porphyria, and more.

What to look for in your diet to avoid liver and gallbladder?

First of all, the diet must facilitate the work of the digestive system. The diet should be rich in vitamin C and folic acid (citrus fruits, vegetables, dark green leaves), and products containing vitamin B12 (liver, fish). Should prevail in the cooked food (mainly vegetables), silage (pickled). Meals can not be reheated, they should be prepared with fresh ingredients.

What should be avoided?

Limit the use of alcohol and excessive amounts of drugs. That's a side effect of their actions are damaging the liver. Taking care of the liver, should be dispensed with fried meats, dishes fast food, fresh bread and a large amount of sweetness.

Be sure to control cholesterol because of its high level of serum states can lead to diseases of biliary tract and bladder and liver, as well as serious cardiovascular diseases (coronary atherosclerosis). Cholesterol accumulates in fact in the bile ducts, and walls of the arteries and contributes to the thickening and narrowing of the light. Implementation of the first inspection of cholesterol is recommended around 20 years of age and if the level is correct, the test should be repeated every five years.

What to look for in a diet?

 The level of bad cholesterol reduces the consumption of marine fish containing omega-3. Levels of good cholesterol, which protects blood vessels, increased whole-grain breads, bran, raw and dried fruits and vegetables. Helpful is also functional foods such as margarine with plant sterols and red wine. Every day, you drink a glass of wine (about 125 ml) lowers blood pressure and increases good cholesterol. Included in the wine phenolics prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques.

What should be avoided?

First of all products containing trans fatty acids, widely used in the confectionery industry. So you should give up eating confectionery and chocolate. It should also reduce and if possible eliminate, fatty meat and high-fat meats and dairy products.


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