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Toxins in the body


Poison themselves are not dangerous for our body because it was evolutionarily prepared to neutralize and remove them, but the problem starts when their number exceeds a state of emergency.

Therefore, you should know if you are at risk ...

What exactly are the toxins?

Toxins are the elements and chemical compounds that have a negative impact on our body, and when there are too amounts, causing it damage.

These include:

     chemical pollution,
     heavy metals,
     deposits metabolic
     mycotoxins (substances produced by molds and fungi),
     drugs in large quantities.

Why toxins are harmful?

The toxins affect the balance of the body, and it may end up Toxemia (body burden of the toxins). This can lead to a significant slowdown in the recovery and regeneration of cells.

Where are the toxins?

They are in the air, food - and these every healthy body can handle without a problem (if you nourish ourselves as normal).

Otherwise the matter with those that come from antibiotics, stimulants, and no stranger to us chronic stress.

     Caution! Hazardous to health is gorging themselves and overweight, because then the food is not used for the benefit of our body, but postponed as body fat, on the other hand - the weight loss too quickly and dramatically, the emission of harmful compounds.

How to do no harm and do not overdo it?

Persons who have a slim - should act wisely, so it will not regret it.

     Caution! The body must get used to new habits and diet solutions gradually.

Note that the dangerous health are:

     products, which are widely considered to be harmful, ie, alcohol, foods high in saturated fats, sugar, fatty meats,

     highly processed food, which is popular ready meals - quick-cooked, are rich in artificial elements that improve the taste, smell and extend shelf life,

We should not exaggerate the use of positively affecting the products, because - as claimed by the father of modern medicine, Paracelsus - the dose makes the poison. This also works the other way, and sometimes a small dose of the offending agent has a beneficial effect on the body (such as Botox, or botulinum sticks).

Toxins are produced by biology, which is not without fault. . Part of poisonous substances (endotoxin) results from the occurrence of the natural processes of life, such as life (death) and cell metabolism.

Failure - leak toxins in your body!

If your immune system and natural filters of the body (skin, liver, bowel, kidneys, lungs) are not coping with toxins, then you have problems with:

     malaise (including slowness, apathy)
     brittle nails
     hair escaping
     ugly skin.

Remember that the essence of poison is the quantity, not the quality of the accumulated toxic substances in the body, because it was a little too much weight your body does not lift.

Get rid of toxins and feel a little!


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