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Constipation in pregnancy

What for constipation in pregnancy?

Every second pregnant woman has problems with regular bowel movements, and is responsible for hormonal changes and enlarged uterus.
It is worth to know how to get rid of the constipation without harming yourself or your baby.

During pregnancy, there is a number of changes in a woman's body, and some can not be seen with the naked eye, because the transformations do not only relate to the physicality women, but its physiology.

It is not only characteristic for the state of adipose tissue growth, weight gain, but hormonal metamorphosis, which enable the production of food, but through which can quickly trigger a digestive problems.

It grows not only baby

These magical hormones that secretin and glucagon, which are responsible for the motility of the digestive system, which include intestinal contractile food or shifting toward the anus. The excess relaxes the muscles in the abdominal area, which they expand and are less effective than before.

Bowel movements are still slowed down by increasing the uterus. That during pregnancy increases in weight 20 times and the volume - 1000 times!

The uterus normally weighs 50 grams and is 5 ml, while just before the birth - respectively 1 kg and 5 liters! That is why the transit time of chyme strongly increases.

More uterus compresses the adjacent organs and tissues, and here there is discomfort, difficult and less frequent bowel movements, heartburn.

According to data reported this problem affects at least 33-50% of mums.

Note! If left untreated, lead to constipation and other ailments hemorrhoids.

Bet on fiber

The best ally in getting rid of constipation is fiber.

But if it is safe in pregnancy?

I just best to stick to this rule, and also the golden mean:

"not too much and not too little"


Fiber reduces the bioavailability of nutrients, and it threatens shortages of vitamins and minerals in the mother and the fetus the same, but on the other hand, during pregnancy improves the absorption of nutrients and fiber is a very important component of the diet.

It is therefore not recommended to complete its withdrawal, because really it can only worsen the situation.

Other ways to constipation

So should gradually increase the amount of fiber in the menu, and apart from this you can try the following methods:

    Eat regularly and quietly - just bite and chew food.

    Systematically move ( proposals are yoga exercise for pregnant women, Nordic walking, swimming ) .

    Avoid stress.

    Try to work in accordance with the biological clock (for most it means sleeping at night, eating in a day ).

    Avoid products that slow your gut, eg pastes, semolina and other dishes a viscous, cakes with cream, canned food, chips, fries ( and other refined carbohydrates), and a heavy greasy foods, puddings, dried cranberries, white bread, chocolate, cocoa, strong black tea.

    Reaching the glycerine suppositories .

Note! There is a high risk that your body gets used to them, which further spoils the intestine.

    Drink plenty of fluids - the best will be here still water (possibly with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey ) and green tea or other herbal: fennel, chamomile, with dandelion.

    The spot - drink a glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach upon waking.

Note! Enema , and laxatives is not an option, especially for pregnant women, because these quick methods may eventually cause premature contractions.

Therefore, a better solution is to stick to proven and completely healthy principles.

Pregnancy brings a lot of surprises ... Those less pleasant keep less. Proper diet is the key to the well-being of mother and her baby. :)


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