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Biliary tract diseases

Digestive disorders in the course of insufficient secretion of bile

What is yellow and why is it so important for us?

Bile - smooth, yellowish-green secretion of the liver, which can emulsify fats - making them the suspension, so that they are easily digested and absorbed.

 The main component of bile are formed from cholesterol, bile acids and salts thereof. The color suited bile bilirubin and biliverdin. These are the products of metabolism in the liver. Hey, they are absorbed into the blood in the intestine and excreted in the urine, and the rest leaves the body in the faeces (hence the color).

Other components of the mineral salts of bile, lecithin, urea, cholesterol and fatty acids.

What is the process of fat digestion?

Bile is produced in the liver and excreted continuously into the duodenum through the bile duct. But her honor accumulates in the gallbladder.

If the intestine will food rich in fat, then this stored bile is ejected there from the gallbladder and thus at the time of peak demand there is adequate amount of bile for digestion.

Caution! When you run out of bile, there is indigestion and it happens usually after too fat meal.

Which may lead to a shortage of bile?

Impaired bile production is most frequently caused by liver parenchymal disease (inflammation, steatosis, cirrhosis).

In cholelithiasis comes to mechanical blockage of bile from the liver by a gallstone, which is made from precipitating components of bile - cholesterol or bile pigments.

Caution! When a gallstone will complete bile duct obstruction, the only treatment is to remove it, most of the gall bladder.
After such treatment bile am not somewhere to collect and keep, in small amounts, flows into the intestine and then it may happen that at the moment is the increased demand enough to the digestive process to work correctly.

Another reason is called. biliary dyskinesia. It is a condition in which the bile ducts and the bubble shrinks abnormally, impairing the flow of bile.

Hyperkinetic affects young people, and hypokinetic - those who lead an irregular lifestyle, living under stress.

How to improve the digestive process?

Treatment with biliary tract disease is the use of drugs that stimulate the production (choleretic) and biliary excretion (cholekinetica).

Many currently available preparations (cholagoga) combines both functions. Receiving treatment diastolic (drotaweryna) of bile salts (dissolving stones), and sometimes antidepressants and anxiolytics.

In the pharmacy you can buy ready-made digestion easier herbal blends.


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