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Test contaminated colon

Cleansing the colon

Offers you a test today, so that will determine if your colon is in good condition.

Please answer the following questions:

1 Do you have headaches?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

2 Do you feel sleepy?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

3 Do you feel listless?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

4 Do you have bad breath?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

5 Do you have coated tongue?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

6 Do you have severe stomach?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

7 Do you have bloating, abdominal pain and rumble?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

8 You are having a rash?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

9 Do you have constipation?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

10th Do you have inflammation of the lining of the mouth?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

11th Do you have signs ( moles ) on the neck, under the arms?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

12th Do you have a coating on your teeth?

Often - 2 points, rarely - one point , almost never - 0 points.

Now add up the results and meet the test ..

17-23 points - Your gut is heavily polluted. We will now delve into what contributed to it ( poor diet, slow metabolism, stress, etc. ) . Simply put, if you want to prevent the emergence and development of a serious illness, you have to clean them. Do not turn away from it and start to take care of your health!

9-16 points - the score perfectly acceptable, but some signs indicate that your bowel is dirty. Therefore, perform the treatment, because it allows you feel better and start to lead a healthy lifestyle.

0-8 points - a great result, and either you're young and good health have inherited from your parents or you have your period, but run a proper lifestyle and care about your health. Way to go! And if you perform a preventive treatment or not - the choice is yours ...

Colon cleansing at home

There are many methods - you need to choose the best one for you.

There are many ways to cleanse the colon. You have heard about the most popular method-with an enema. It's a great way, and the results are outstanding.

     Caution! Compared with other methods, this method is most effective, but unfortunately it has one drawback: it requires a lot of time.

Well, maybe not so much as a week, but you have to surrender his entire schedule. Well, not everyone can do it yourself enema (although this is not complicated). Overall - colon cleansing enemas using causes more trouble in comparison with other methods of purification.

Fortunately, the enema world does not stop and we can choose many other options.

So you can eg choose the treatment watermelon, yogurt, apple juice, etc. All of these methods are very simple to make and can be done in a lifetime, and you will not even notice you moved a procedure. No need for them to extract some special time and you do not have to submit its plan for the day.

In short, they are easy to fit into everyday day.

These methods are also effective, but that they are carried out with good results, can not be made ​​to "hurray" (preferably a week or even better longer, because the longer the better).

So choose what works best for you: weekly shock treatment cleansing or 1-2 month to perform simple tasks that will in no way interfere with your everyday life.

Well now is the time for a detailed discussion of different colon cleansing treatments. You will find out how long it takes each of them and how to achieve maximum effect.

But choosing the best method - decide the same ..

Colon cleansing bran

The treatment will need bran (buy them without a problem, such as a grocery store, a bakery, a pharmacy or health food store).

They are not expensive.

Sometimes the colored bran are sold in the form of pellets or beads. No problem. They are simply compressed and combined with the juice from sugar or carrots. Such bran can also be used.

How to clean the colon?

Treatment lasts one month. Bran should be taken three times a day 15 minutes before meal. You need to take 2 tablespoons of bran and have a drink 1-2 glasses of water (instead of water you drink them weak tea without sugar or juice).

I run a normal life: eating, drinking, working, just doing his own, having fun, etc.

Bran necessarily Popit water, otherwise the whole treatment does not make sense. Fiber, which is contained in the bran will work only if the uptake in water and swell themselves.

The daily dose should not exceed 6 tablespoons of bran. Do not eat more to make them even more effective. Everything in moderation, because if you have bloating, a feeling of fullness, etc.

Bran can take it to work and 15 minutes for lunch break to eat and drink 2 tablespoons of water or weak tea.

How often should I clean the colon?

Bran month-long treatment should be done once a year. Well, if you want your colon without breaks were clean and worked fine, then accept bran continually morning and fiber will whisk the colon cleaned.

Eat two tablespoons a day or so, drink 1-2 glasses of water (tea or juice), you forget about the many ailments and to look good.

Colon cleansing apple

Apples have long been considered to be an excellent way to maintain health (eg the English saying "an apple a day - and you do not need no doctor").

You will find them (like all fruits and vegetables) fiber that cleans as you remember "to whisk" gut. In addition, almost all the apples (except those sweet) contain malic acid, which is soluble toxins.

The treatment requires 2 kg of apples (the best will Antonowka or other sour variety). Here, as with kefir, preferably choose your favorite variety of apples to treatment It crossed with pleasure.

How to clean the colon?

Purification of apples is carried out in one day.

Share 2 kg of apples for 7-8 parts and eat every two hours. Well, so much :)

If you like apples with peel, then eat for health, and if you do not you can take. Some eat (such as myself) or seeds. If you like - it's pretty please :)

If you want to drink - drink a cup of tea without sugar, mineral water, herbal infusions, but do not drink a lot (3-4 glasses will suffice). Apples contain juice yet.

Apples can take it to work, and therefore treatment will not interfere with your normal schedule of the day.

How often should I clean the colon?

Purification of apples you can perform 1-2 times a month.

Colon cleansing raw vegetables

Raw vegetables - is a treasure trove of fiber. It's a toothbrush guts. It is also a rich source of vitamins, and it improves the condition of skin, hair and nails.

     Caution! However, continued eating raw vegetables is not healthy, because too high amount of fiber will irritate the gut and you will not come out for good. Everything in moderation.

For cleaning, you'll need:

• Carrots,
• Cabbage,
• Chinese cabbage,
• cauliflower,
• green salad,
• black radish
• radish (white or red)
• swede
• turnips,
• peppers,
• zucchini
• cucumbers,
• Apples,
• dill,
• Parsley,
• coriander.

Buy any 2 kg of vegetables from the list and you have been preparing salads. You will need a little salt and a little vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, canola, soybean, flaxseed).

Caution! Do not add to the salad cream and mayonnaise.

How to clean the colon?

Cleanup will take you one day.

During this time, you eat only salads with raw vegetables and nothing else (even bread, etc). If you want to drink, then drink weak tea, mineral water or juice.

So, prepare a large bowl of vegetable salad with every vegetable that is in the list, add to it a small amount of vegetable oil and a little salt.

     Caution! Do not add vinegar, because it stimulates peristalsis, causing thirst and appetite.

Well if he insists, you can add a little apple cider vinegar or soy sauce.

You can season with a little salad and add a little pepper, curry, garlic, but do not overdo it, because hot spices also enhance the appetite. Refrigerate salad and overlap the portion every two hours

Do not do big gaps between meals so as not to be strongly hungry.

For variety you can do not one, but a variety of salads, for example, I like the salad:

• cabbage, carrots, and garlic;
• black radish, carrots and some apples;
• Cauliflower, carrots and dill;
• Chinese cabbage, red pepper and coriander.

And so on. Be creative. Most important to the salads were in your taste, because you have to eat them with gusto :)

Herbs (dill, parsley, dill) contain a large number of fibers. Some people like to chew on the same greens, nothing. And rightly so! Because it is very useful for the intestines.

Therefore salad seasoning herbs for health.

Salad can take it to work.

How to clean the colon?

Cleaning can be done once a month. In general, every day should eat solid portions of salad with raw vegetables. With daily colon cleansing works better and you will not suffer from constipation.


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