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How to cleanse the kidneys?

Kidney cleansing

For external symptoms of contaminated kidney include, among others: the appearance of bags under the eyes and white dots on the nails.

The kidneys may not work properly, among others, for the following reasons: the accumulation of mucus, which formed stones, kidney enlargement of excess fluid, kidney obstruction from excess consumption of salt, meat, fish, breads, sweets, and refined flour products.

If the under-eye bags appear, this means that excess fluid and fat deposits in the kidneys. If the bag is soft, it indicates a large amount of fluid consumed, and when the disk, then this is due to excessive ingestion of cheese, dairy fat, fat meat, sweets and animal fat.

Note! If the eyes are red, it means the formation of kidney stones.

If the kidneys are working properly, the person should then urinate 3-4 times a day. In contrast, when the urine is often being paid, then reduce the intake of fluids. Color should be soaked in color lager.

If the urine color is very bright, then you need to consume more salt, and the dark, then decreases its consumption.

If the eye dark circles appear, this indicates that the consumption of large quantities of salts and products that contain salts. In such cases it is advisable to switch to salt-free diet, and instead of salt, use different kinds of spices (dried garlic, parsley, etc.).

Methods for purifying kidney

Here are three of the most effective ways to cleanse the kidneys. You can use any of them or use them interchangeably.

Best to choose the way that best suits us.

Method I:

Drink in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening half a cup of hot water to which the juice of 1 lemon.

Drink day 3 - 4 times half a glass of carrot juice blends beet juice fresh cucumber, in a proportion of 10:3:3, ( in an amount of 250 g + 75 g + 75 g).

Treatment was carried out by two weeks.

In the first year run four treatments after 14 days every three months, on an annual basis.

Method II:

Very good results kidney cleansing blend of juices from carrots, celery and parsley in a ratio ( 9:5:2).

During the day, drink 3-4 times (preferably before eating ) fields cups of this mixture.

The treatment should last 1-2 weeks. In the first year of repeat treatment every 3 months, and then perform it once a year.

Method III:

In order to dissolution and fragmentation to the size of grains of sand of all the stones in the body, prepare an infusion of rosehips.

Preparation: Two tablespoons of rosehips pour 200 ml. Water and cook for fifteen minutes and then allow to cool. After strain and drink 1/3 cup three times a day.

Treatment use for two weeks and repeat it every three months.

Parsley juice is a very effective agent for treatment of diseases, genital- urinary system and kidney stones (particularly when the urine is a protein, or an infection in the kidneys). Juice of parsley, is one of the most potent agents, so it should be eaten separately, in pure form, in quantities greater than 30-50 g.

After the expulsion of kidney stones should change the diet because the stones are only the result, the main reason for their formation is an excess of uric acid and its salts, which are the result of many causes (metabolic disorders, heredity, etc) are not excreted from the body.

Eliminate from your diet products that contain a lot of protein , especially: liver, fried and smoked meat, salted fish, meat broths, etc. Eat more salads, fruit salads, oversized wheat, daily drink juices. Salads can moderately salt to stimulate the work of the kidneys and avoid sweets that interfere with their work.


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