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Problems with gall bladder

How to strengthen the gall bladder?

- "I have a headache, Grandpa" - "Do you know a child, as my teeth hurt, it tore" What if I suffer gall bladder? Also on the break and after?
The only effective solution is here simply PREVENTION - the same applies to the state of your teeth and the shape of the gall bladder.

After all, you would prefer to live "with" rather than "no" .... :)

Of course, no one can live gall bladder - clear. You can also without kidneys, but it is not worth putting yourself at removing bladder, because after all, it's more serious than a tooth extraction. Living without it ever will be exposed to a number of serious complications for your health.

     Caution! Just keep an eye on what you have on the plate, and the problem of stones in the gall bladder miss you ... :)

What is the gall bladder?

It is usually incorrectly called bag. It is 10 cm body between the liver and duodenum, which connects through the bile, which is three lines:

     cystic, hepatic and common bile duct.

The gall bladder stores bile (capacity about 60 ml of the secretions), and it was she involved in the digestion of fats.

When you're hungry, the fluid that flows into the liver produces bladder, and after eating a meal - by the action of the hormone (cholecystokinin) - he goes into the duodenum, where it is involved in breaking down and absorption of fat molecules as well as the absorption of the soluble vitamins in it.

When this process is complete, the bile is extracted by the liver.

What threatens the gall bladder?

Your entire body, including the digestive system, which also exposes the gall bladder is the many trials and dangers. These are for example:

     improper eating habits, a radical diet, fasting, stress, drugs, alcohol, hormone therapy, birth control pills, excess food.

All this may disturb the proper functioning of the gall bladder and lead to the appearance of the deposits.

     Caution! Sometimes - and this is more dangerous situation - can form stones in the bile ducts.

Recurrences, which hampers the bubble, the bubble is removed...

Unfortunately, when deposits once they appear, they have a strong tendency to relapse - the risk is from 10 to 50% and for this reason the gall bladder in order to avoid complications, is removed.

Can not live without him, at the end of the bubble in bad shape Playing is a serious health because it can lead to other diseases and serious health consequences:

     acute and chronic cholecystitis, pancreatitis, biliary tract inflammation, hepatitis, rupture of the follicle and peritonitis.

Your recipe for a healthy gall bladder

You can not prevent the development of gallstones. How to do it?

1 First of all, change your diet:

     avoid fatty and fried in fat foods,

     place to lean products (eg instead of cream - plain yogurt with thin-bodied)

     provides the body with a lot of fiber (vegetables, fruit, meal, brown bread, bran, oatmeal)

     eat right regularly, at regular intervals so that your gall bladder was not too long breaks,

     limit eating sweets - especially greasy dough (safe are: sponge cake, stewed fruit, jelly, jelly)

     before dinner you can enjoy a tablespoon of olive oil or vegetable oil, which increase the production of bile,

     eat right more marine fish - they contain omega-3 and omega-6 prevent the formation of stones;

2 Do use products based on medicinal herbs (such as milk thistle, artichoke, St. John's wort, peppermint). They work cholagogic, relaxant, and abolish inflammation. Not necessarily need to drink herbal teas, and you can - for example, in the case of milk thistle - use ground beans for seasoning;

3 Leave the alcohol (but sometimes you can afford to red wine), sodas, and instead of strong, black tea drink these fruit or herbal tea;

4 Do not drink too much coffee. Max can not afford one cup per day and attention: do not eat it on an empty stomach;

5 Do not eat too heavy breakfast! - Scrambled eggs in lard or bacon does not apply as the morning follicle contains enough bile acids are capable dissolve cholesterol;

6 Excess kilograms is not ally bladder health. If necessary, start to fight with overweight.

Why remove the gall bladder as it can be healthy for life :) Good luck in taking care of the bubble!


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