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Detoxify your body

Detoxifying body treatment

A little known, extremely effective, simple and safe. Just for use late autumn to late October or early November. Treatment lasts 10-12 days a healing effect lasts for up to six months and a change habits habits, permanently.
Treatment begins with drinking in the morning (every day) compote with fresh or dried apricots, peaches and walnuts, which stimulates the colon. Compote cooked 10 minutes, when cool, add a little honey.

During the day, eaten stewed pumpkin with honey and various dishes of millet cooked with vegetables, pumpkin, raisins, in different sets, no hot spices and salt. Compote, pumpkin and millet are the basis for the purification treatment. Scavenge from the gut deposits, groats regulates the internal organs, especially the pancreas, the intestine acts as a "broom", contains many important nutrients, warms the body, detoxifies and restores proper acid-base balance. For the duration of the treatment restores proper operation and harmonize the body.

In the evening, the 10 days of treatment, drink a mixture of cleansing the liver. Take a lemon sized hand of the person carrying out the treatment, squeeze out the juice, the juice, add the same amount of volume of oil and have a last meal (before washing your teeth) for 10 days.
Every day during this treatment should be done honey massage. Honey is applied by applying it to dry back hand first on the upper part of the back, taking the direction of massage from top to bottom, resulting in improved performance of the lymphatic system. then on the lower back. After you enter the honey in the skin following the removal of toxins through the skin, massage with honey is the only type of massage that works this way.

Honey accurately shows the affected area. In places sound is absorbed through the skin in places sick, tight, decadent, greasy substance extracted to be collected from the skin. On the back is a kind of "map" of the body of the places that are a reflection of the health of the energy of the internal organs (such as the feet or ear lobe) and the effects of massage can be inferred that the authorities niedomagają energy and not used for castor oil packs to be strengthened. Duration of massaging the back is about 40 minutes, in children of 10 minutes. one place should not be massaged too long, even if it is not completely cleaned, not to create abrasions. After the massage, the skin is not przesuszyła, grease it with sesame oil or coconut (can be olive oil).

Honey massage can be performed not only on the back, can be spread throughout the body with legs only if there is no change, and perform varicose from bottom to top. The stomach do massage gently clockwise around the navel making spiral movements, preferably alone, that by improving the metabolism, burn fat faster. This massage also gives good results with knee pain, but do not rub honey face and chest.

After the massage, you must bathe in the extracts of herbs. You can choose different types, in broth with oat straw (strengthens and detoxifies, has a positive effect on bone) in broth with fresh oats (for poor children) in moss harvested in May, needles (respiratory infections), a decoction of birch , hop cones and bath salts is universal to all. You can use any and favorite herbs. Treatment may apparently seem cumbersome and time consuming, but worth the time treat "Home Spa" and the health effects are long-lasting and very positive.


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