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What she likes your liver?

What is good for your liver?

First of all you need to do self-examination and see how you eat. Normally, the liver is able to remedy your errors nutrition, but from time to time, change your diet to be able to rest and recuperate.

Limit fatty foods

We must reduce food fatty and spicy foods. Bake instead of fry. You can also eat stews or steamed. Eat light, the least processed meals, preferably 5-6 times a day. Dishes should be moderately warm because too hot and very peanuts are harmful.

Tell prove fizzy drinks and alcohol. Cross out from your diet all the fast food, meat pies, canned meat, smoked and pickled foods.

Healthy olive oil extra virgin

(from the first cold pressing)

Researchers from the University of Monastir, and King Saud University in Riyadh conducted a study in which rats were fed a moderately toxic herbicide that destroys antioxidants. Some rodents also received olive oil and found that those rats who received vegetable fat was intense activity of antioxidant enzymes.

Therefore, damage to the liver in them were much smaller than in rodents, who did not get oil.

Eat lean meat

If you can not give up eating meat, then choose only those lean. You can eat boiled dumplings with meat, pasta with meat, poultry, boiled and stewed with no fat and lean fish.

Give a Like carrots and beets

Because they are the best allies of the liver - help with cleaning and regeneration. You have to drink juice, or cook them on hand.

     Note! The liver does not always tolerate rawness. Its action will assist parsley, celery, lettuce and chicory. But even vegetables flatulence (beans, onions, leeks and cabbage) rather did not serve.

Eat silage

They are a rich source of probiotics and vitamin C and are therefore appropriate for the liver. You can eat them or drink juice from them. Probiotics also deliver, eating yoghurt.

Honey instead of sugar

Honey improves digestion and restores liver cells.

If you want, remember to support liver regeneration milk thistle:

 Milk thistle helps regenerate hepatocytes - cells, which are responsible for the production of bile. With his action, we can more calmly nourish your favorite dishes, without much concern about colic and digestive ailments. Of course, milk thistle is not a remedy that will replace good eating habits. These always - I repeat - always leading the way in improving the health of the digestive system.


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