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Skin cleansing system

How to naturally cleanse the skin?

Pretty long troubled me change the skin of hands, and the doctors could not diagnose exactly (whether psoriasis, eczema, and may stain). Even though it was said that it was incurable.
But one case out of my life completely changed my perspective on medicine and after that I started to believe that the disease can be treated without resorting to medication.

This method has betrayed me an older woman with whom I was traveling on a train. She saw my hands and told me how to carry out cleansing of the skin in home conditions.

Skin cleansing potatoes

You should take the potatoes (such a pink pulp), wash and grate. Grated potato given to diseased area on the skin, and as it dries, change to fresh potato mush.

At the beginning of the skin had become very hot, but then everything cleared up nicely :)

I hope that this recipe will be useful to someone else.

Herbal decoction for clearing acne-prone skin

Very often, young people are concerned about acne appears on the skin. The recipe, which you now propose has helped many of my friends to get rid of this problem.

     Take 100 g of crushed nettle, burdock root 100 grams, 50 grams of herb celandine and 100 g mob (hitch trifoliate).

The blend of these herbs, pour 0.6 liters of boiling water, leave to infuse covered and allow to cool, then Strain and refrigerate.

Dosage: Drink 1/2 cup 2-3 times a day. If needed, treatment may be continued until complete purification.

This decoction also perfectly removes dandruff, wash the hair with it.

Skin cleansing corn flour

Not so long ago I bought corn flour to cook so. hominy :) The lady who sold it to me interested in the purpose for which it buys. I told her. She in turn told me that one client buy cornstarch to cleanse the skin. Rubbed into the flour during the washing.

Then the thought occurred to me that:

     "You might want to use the flour to remove small pimples on my face?"

Recipe: wet your face with water, then wet your finger and dip of maize flour and rub into place with pustules on the face. After several such treatments skin should do a clean and smooth.

Skin cleansing milk thistle

The infusion of milk thistle is recommended for the treatment of skin diseases.

Preparation: a glass pour 3 teaspoons of crushed leaves and flowers and pour over boiling water. Cover and leave to cool completely. Strain and drink equal portions during the day.

Continue treatment until complete recovery.


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