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How to cook fried eggs?

How to cook eggs - health and taste ...

No idea what tasty wake up tomorrow? I rescinded your problem! Here is a proven way to a healthy and tasty cooked eggs ...

First of all, check for its own sake, or even if they are fresh - after all, it is different, especially when you buy in the grocery store. Here is a simple way: dip the eggs in cold water. They sink to the bottom? They are good. Rise to the surface? He kicked them time - do not eat, the direction of the basket!

It's that simple?

Ok, it's time to roll up your sleeves and start to brew. To be able to calculate the correct cooking time eggs, boil the water first.

Cooked? All right. Now reduce the heat to the burner to prevent water from bubbling, but only slightly twitching. Put the eggs, turn on the timer.

And so:

>> After 3.5 to 4 minutes of the protein will be cut quite a bit, and the yolk just begins to cut,

>> After 4.5 to 5.5 minutes, the protein will be cut off completely, and the yolk in the middle. The velvety yolk ... mmm-mmm, yummy!

>> After 6 to 8 minutes longer get a hard-boiled egg.

Time will vary depending on the size of the eggs and their temperature before putting into the pot of hot water.

For easy peeling, let me let the eggs cool to cold. With warm shell out harder.

Also, if you like eggs cooked solid, do not exceed 9 minutes. Cooked longer lose their flavor and their texture gets rubbery - not really stimulates the appetite! In addition, a long time affect the structure of the protein, which can cause allergic reactions after consumption.

One more thing: what to eat, and what not to eat eggs, so that the stomach does not rebel? Basically, the separate dietary rules say not to combine protein with starch. This is the worst of all possible connections, and yet the most popular - eg eggs with bread.

With this combination, absorb protein and starch in the mouth, and when the enzyme alkaline so pre-digested food enters the stomach, it is further treated with a starch digesting enzyme, thereby virtually egg protein is not digested, and consequently - organism is not assimilate the nutrients.

Remember that. You can always eat eggs without additives, in addition to salt and pepper. If you do not train for bodybuilding, will suffice as a separate meal. Not enough to eat healthier than to overeat.

Do I need to worry about cholesterol with frequent consumption of eggs? Well, it depends on chickens that have abolished it.

If the eggs are from hens green legs, you can forget your worries about cholesterol. It's a chicken in the yard. The breed popular in the postwar years because of the ease of breeding. Hens lay eggs this race with a low content of cholesterol. They are healthier for your heart. Connoisseurs of eggs, which atherosclerosis tires should jump for joy.

But unfortunately, not enough to farm it now grows. They endure fewer eggs than competitive race. A lot less. Therefore, they are less profitable.


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