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Diet Paris

Slimming diet Paris

Caution! With this treatment does not threaten yo-yo effect.

It is a three-stage plan for permanent weight loss, and it was created by Jean-Michel Cohen - famous French nutritionist. Diet Paris is aligned in such a way that the weight loss treatment carried back to a normal diet without worrying about the yo-yo effect.

Principles diet Paris

1 The purpose of the diet is to regulate metabolism and getting the "right balance ", ie such that can be achieved without the fear that after the treatment, get fat again .

How to calculate your correct weight?

Calculate your the formula developed by Dr. Jean- Michel Cohen. Remind yourself and make a note of:

    a your weight when you were 18 years old and up have not followed any diet;
    b the highest weight of his body (women include it too pregnancies );
    c smallest body weight after 18 year of life , a diet or without;
    d how much you weigh now.

Then add the sum of a and b divide by 2 The result is Y. Add c and d sum divide by 2 The result is Z. Add Y and Z. The sum divide by 2

This is your proper weight :)

2 The duration of the Parisian diet depends on the difference between your current weight and target weight. On average diet dr. Cohen takes three months, during which you go through three phases: Cafe, Bistro and Gourmet.

3 During the whole diet Paris to prepare meals in strict accordance with the provisions laid by dr. Cohen.

Three stages of the diet Paris

Phase Cafe takes 8-10 days (depending on you), during the day you provide the body with only 700-800 calories. so that the rate of weight loss is very fast and is about 1/2 kg per day. By the way, cleanse the body of toxins. During this stage the weight loss you need to eat low calorie meals, preferably in the form of soups, smoothies and mashed potatoes.

Phase Bistro takes 3-5 weeks (you decide when you want to finish it and move on to the next phase). During this phase, the diet of Paris every day deliver the body to 900-1000 kcal. Lose weight during the 5 to 7 kg, so meals rich in protein and fiber.

Phase Gourmet  should be used until it reaches the target weight (on average, it takes about a month). During this phase, you provide the body with 1200 calories a day.

Sample menu diet Paris

Paris diet menu consists of a low-calorie meals, even though they are nutritious and filling, because they are rich in protein, which can be found in lean meat and fish. Large quantities of vegetables contain fiber but which here is as a filler, so we did not feel hungry.

     Caution! This weight loss treatment, it is important to accurately measure the quantity of products.

Are allowed a small vegetable snacks (eg cucumber or carrot, cut into bars). You can reach them when you feel a sudden attack of hunger.

Phase Cafe diet Paris

     Breakfast: cocktail apple-yogurt (big apple blend of 200 grams of plain yogurt and 1/4 teaspoon vanilla scent).

     Lunch: salmon with spinach (90 g sprinkle with dill and salmon bake on the grill. Teaspoon of olive oil on zeszklij chopped clove of garlic, add 1 cup of spinach, the base with water, simmer for 7 minutes. Give the fish.

     Dinner: Tomato Soup (with two tomatoes remove the skin, slice them and saute until soft. Despicable 1 cup vegetable broth, cook for 5 minutes. Blend. Season with basil.

Phase Bistro diet Paris

     Breakfast: 200 grams of skimmed natural yoghurt (Greek is best).

     Lunch: toasted veal with mozzarella cheese (80 g veal bake on the grill, sprinkle 30 grams of mozzarella cheese, heat until cheese melts. 80 g of cooked green beans, 150 grams of salad with carrots and celery (with sauce vinaigrette), 200 g of fresh pineapple .

     Dinner: 80 grams of lean beef fried without fat, 2 beets cooked by steaming, 100 grams of grated zucchini with vinegar, half a mango.

Phase Gourmet Diet Paris

     Breakfast: pancake (with skim milk dough) with blueberry yogurt (about 200 g of frozen berries mixed with about 170 grams of yogurt).

     Lunch: salad with cooked shrimp (110 g) fresh spinach, three slices of grapefruit, drizzled with lime juice. For this sandwich with whole grain bread with peanut butter, 30 grams of cheddar cheese and 1 apple braised with cinnamon.

     Dinner: 100 g roast cod, to 100 g of cooked cauliflower and salad with 2 leeks vinaigrette sauce.

More rules can be found in the book "The Paris diet. How to achieve optimal weight and maintain it. "

To avoid the yo-yo

After the treatment, Dr. Cohen gradually increase the number of so-called. full, freely composed meals. For two months two meals a day (eg, lunch and dinner), you can prepare in accordance with the principle of "eat what I like."

The remaining meals should contain no more than 150 calories.


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