Silymarin in the treatment of liver

Herbal liver support

Our liver is the largest body biochemistry laboratory that very well can be treated using herbs.

The most effective herbs for the liver

Remember! It is not true that half the herbs helps liver problems, most herbs relieve digestive disorders, and it is not equivalent to a direct therapeutic effect on liver cells.

What, then, helps in the treatment of liver?

Top proven the beneficial effects of milk thistle, silymarin in particular, which is the most active body of this herb.

The second effect is, in turn, herb artichoke.

How does silymarin?

Its action is multimodal:

     has a protective effect on liver cells and prevents the penetration of toxic substances that neutralize free radicals and is 10-20 times more potent than vitamin E;

     stimulates hepatic tissue regeneration by stimulating the synthesis required for this process of protein;

     by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins reduces inflammation and suppresses the process of hepatic fibrosis that leads to cirrhosis of the liver.

     Remember! Silymarin is an completely safe.

Artichoke in the treatment of liver

 Artichoke has a remarkable effect bile, choleretic and improving digestion. Acts as a strong anti-arteriosclerosis by lowering total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, the so-called. bad cholesterol in blood serum.

Artichoke works also protects liver parenchyma, and this effect was confirmed in the laboratory and in the feelings of the patients themselves.

The liver lesions have also been used other herbs, but none of them have proven to act as mentioned above.

The beneficial effect on the liver has also bee pollen, which operates alternatively in a toxic liver damage. Its beneficial effect is reflected in the reduction of excessive AST and ALT levels of alkaline phosphatase and bilirubin levels even in serum.

Many times it has been confirmed pharmacological studies.

Protection of the liver acts as propolis, particularly in the case where the exposure to toxic substances, alcohol, or heavy metals. This was reflected in objective studies that have shown such reduction in AST and ALT.


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