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Oils and their types - good for the liver

Oils good for the liver

For lard, butter or margarine? Talk about what kind of fat is most suitable for frying, it takes a long time. As would be best for the liver?

Most nutritionists and food technologists clearly says that we should use for frying oils. In turn, the cooks, the more dependent on the taste of food than its quality of care, often recommend the use of other fats.

Diet mentally ill person on the liver

It should be easy to digest and rich protein. The exact content of individual nutrients must always be selected individually! - Depending on the degree of liver function and condition of the patient. All suffering, there is one rule - Dial primarily digestible fats.

Light fats

What does this mean in practice? It is all about eating raw fats and are mainly of dairy - milk, cream, butter. Patients with liver disease, is one of the few groups of people, which nutritionists for sandwiches instead of margarine, butter-fat offer.

Fats dime a dozen

What is the most valuable source of fat in the diet?

This oils.

What are the least to die fat?

It's about some meats (eg pork), highly processed foods and meals fast food ... The nutritional value of these fats is equal to almost zero, and fattening! - Until you can grow them in the eyes Better keep away from them. Sometimes you can be tempted, but it's really sporadic.

Oil each bit by bit

Oil mainly harvested from plants. The raw material for their production are sunflower seeds, rapeseed, safflower, flax, olive, grape seeds and many others. What oil is a different composition. Some are rich sources of omega -3 fatty acids, other omega - 6, and some omega - 9 All of these acids are important for our health and all should be part of the diet.

Oil on every occasion

You want to choose the right kind of fat to culinary methods? 

1 Frying is recommended canola oil, low erucic acid and grape seed oil.

2 For strictly recommended to consume flaxseed oil and olive oil.

Oil on liver

People with chronic liver disease should resign for cooking frying, grilling and baking. Thus, in their case, it should be used primarily linseed oil, and olive oil. How to serve raw oil? First of all, added to salads. It is recommended to also use high quality oils as a substitute for sauces, ie, you can spray them potatoes or pasta.

HDL increases!

Recently more and more popular olive oil. It is very good because the doctors observed and proved its positive effects on blood lipid profile!

Olive oil is a valuable source of oleic acid which:

• reduces total cholesterol,

• also reduces LDL, known as "bad cholesterol",

• increases HDL, or "good cholesterol".

This prevents the development of atherosclerosis and reduces the risk of heart attack! Olive oil should therefore be an important component of the diet of people with obesity and are particularly vulnerable to cardiovascular disease.


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