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7 day detoxification diet body

Detoxifying fruit and vegetable diet

This also helps to quickly and effectively lose undue weight, while you eat really tasty.

Fruits and vegetables cleanse your digestive tract and at the same time provide all the essential nutrients. The diet can be used by anyone, including children and the elderly.

Obese people will be able to lose weight and improve their health patients.

That week course you can buy when you are tired, sad, ponderous and without energy, but note that the diet can not be used more than once every three months.

Mileage seven-day detoxification diet body

Treatment consists in the fact that the six days eating only fruits and vegetables, and from time to time, millet or barley cereal with a small amount of butter.

     Note! You can not use salt or other spices.

Drink only non-carbonated mineral water and freshly squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables. For one day, strictly post.

Treatment should start on Wednesday, gradually reducing the food to Saturday, when he is not working, arrange a fast day. In this way, you can afford to rest the next day, because fasting can be exhausting for the body.

At the day of fasting slowly come back to eat foods provided in the diet. Treatment lasts until Tuesday.

The effect of 7-day diet body detoxification

With this treatment, not only to cleanse and lose weight, but also to strengthen your supplement any deficiencies of vitamins and minerals.

Not long after this diet you can feel light and full strength, so that as long as you keep the effect, eat everything slowly and in rather small quantities.

Choose low-calorie foods then, easily digestible.

Quince juice to poor metabolism, bloating and indigestion

Quinces are a rich source of nutrients, which benefit our body. These include: sugars, organic acids (malic, citric, tartaric), tannins, pectin, carbohydrates, minerals (iron, copper), vitamin C, provitamin A, vitamins of group .

The healing properties of quince

Quince juice was already prescribed for various ailments by Hippocrates. The fruit is useful in tuberculosis work therapeutically with gastrointestinal inflammation, as well as the common cold with cough and airway inflammation.

Quinces also enhance appetite, good work on the liver and are used against diarrhea and vomiting.

Natural juice of the quince

Wash very ripe fruit quince and rub the nap. Then cut them into small pieces and squeeze out the juice Prague or rotating the juicer. Strain juice and sweetening to taste.

     Note! If the juice is not consumed immediately, it must be run off into a dark glass bottle, sealed and pasteurized for 10 minutes. Cool bottles lying down and store in a cool, dark place.

Potion to poor metabolism

Fresh juice of the quince mix in equal parts of honey and accept the one teaspoonful three times a day. Also stimulates the appetite.

The tincture of bloating and indigestion

1.5 liters of juice from fruits of quinces, 0.5 liter of spirits, 2 g of cinnamon, cloves 0.8 g and 0.5 g of bitter almonds, mix with each other. All ingredients pour alcohol in the bottle. Prepare the sugar syrup and cold add to ratafii. Macerate for 2 months.

After this time, filtering and pour into bottles.

Drink after half a glass a day.


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