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What herbs help you lose weight?

Herbs slimming

Herbs that help in weight loss, include:

  • thyme, cumin, marjoram, which have a boosting effect of the digestive tract and help in digestion.

In contrast, basil has such properties that lowers cholesterol and additionally we must remember that choosing herbal tea, you should not choose those that contain senna, because its effect is short-lived. It is harmful and not recommended for weight loss.

There are also herbs that can brew and drink during the day.

This is an example violet tricolor, lovage or horsetail, which have a diuretic effect. Additionally, it is still peppermint, sage, which have such properties that aid digestion in the gastrointestinal tract.

Principles of effective weight loss

Remember! Diet "miracle" does not exist.

While you can use the tips and dietary recommendations, the observance of which helps in the fight against unnecessary pounds.

It should also be borne in mind that you need to eat 4-5 meals a day, at regular intervals. Meals should be small volume and small quantity.

In addition, an important part of dieting is to drink adequate amounts of fluids.

Remember! This should be 1.5 to 2 liters per day.

Very important also is the quality of your fluid intake. Best will be mineral water or green or red tea, herbal teas or fruit teas.

Note! Are recommended sodas, sweet fruit drinks, as well as black tea, and large amounts of strong coffee.

Another element of a healthy diet weight loss is to eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables. Ideally, appear to each of the meals in a more or less.

A very important part of dieting is eating breakfast .

Remember! Every morning before you leave home, eat something nutritious. This gives you the energy to work during the day. Must remember.

With regard to meat, it should be selected lean (e.g., chicken, turkey) and avoid fatty meats (pate, luncheon meat, sausages) and visible fat (lard, bacon).

Note! It is worth remembering, however, that oily fish of the sea are recommended due to the quality of the fat contained in them, contain a lot of Omega -3 fatty acids that help the body's resistance, improve the condition of mental and positively affect the cardiovascular system.


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