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What helps you lose weight?

How to effectively fight overweight?

Measures to support the treatment of overweight and obesity (it promotes fatty liver) is a prescription medication and OTC preparations that can be purchased without a prescription at any pharmacy.

Prescription drugs are more potent than others, but, unfortunately, tend to produce more side effects and, on the other hand, OTC drugs, although they are admitted to trading, so they should not hurt, but are they effective?

Before the not reach, you have to know how our body ...

Fillers stomach

The most popular are the formulations that swell in the stomach and it pushes his, which give a feeling of satiety, reduce hunger and suppress appetite.

These include, among others with fiber supplements, extracts of pineapple, which contains not only fiber, but also facilitates digestion and appetite-inhibiting bromelin (eg fiber from pineapple).

Other fillers swelling in the stomach include substances such as glucomannan, xanthan, pectin, agar-agar, as well as extracts from apples, beets, beans or algae.

They are recommended for those casual eater and leaving meals.


In the fight against excess kilos formulations also help mild laxative and diuretic, which accelerate the excretion of excess food from the body, partially removing the excess water also. They reduce weight.

These include, among others:

     tea-based buckthorn bark, senna leaf, or aloe (eg Senna, Figure, Sante).

     Caution! Reaching those based on buckthorn bark or senna should be aware that they may irritate the digestive tract and cause diarrhea.

Fat Burners

The next group of preparations that promote weight loss aids to burn fat and speed up metabolism.

These are:

     Karynityna L-, L-tyrosine, and catechins.

The natural fat burners include: chilli, ginger, bitter orange, green tea and guarana.

Especially recommended fat burner CLA is linoleic acid (mp. Slim Lady, Oenbiol Femme 45 or CLA plus chrome), which speeds up the metabolism of fats into energy, and prevents the build-up of inventories, while increasing muscle tissue.

Recommended physically active people.

Fat blockers

This latter group of agents that inhibit the absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal tract. These preparations act on weight loss through calorie restriction provided the body.

When using this type of preparation, use low-fat diet because fatty foods, while the poly, leading to uncomfortable bloating, diarrhea, problems in keeping the stool. These measures do not eliminate the fat creases already set aside on the stomach or thighs.

Prescription weight-loss drugs

They affect mainly the work centers in the brain that are responsible for the feeling of hunger. They are designed for people with very overweight and obesity, or BMI above 30

     Caution! It is used in accordance with strict compliance.

Currently, most of these drugs should not be used longer than a few weeks, because they can cause various side effects.

     Caution! The decision to take your specifics to lose weight safely taken after consultation with a nutritionist.

The success you can say when we will be able to shed pounds without bearing yo-yo effect.


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