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Cleansing the liver by Michael Tombak

Treatment Cleansing the liver by Michael Tombak

Stage I of the liver cleansing treatment according to Michael Tombak

Initial preparation - "softening" of the organism, which is necessary to relax, heat and moisturize it.

This can be achieved e. g. by using a sauna (dry or steam) or taking a hot bath.

Caution! Such treatments should be at least 5 and should last from 10 to 20 minutes.

It is very important to feel relaxation, relaxation after such a soothing treatment and warming up the whole body.

The last "softening" should be carried out the day before the main cleansing treatment.

Stage II of liver cleansing therapy according to Michael Tombak

For 3-4 days before cleansing the liver, eat only vegetable products, drink 1/2 l of freshly squeezed beetroot + apples 1:4 and drink laxative herbal infusion every night.

Stage III treatment of cleansing the liver according to Michael Tombak

The liver's specific cleansing should preferably be carried out at the end of the week (Friday-Sunday or Saturday).

1-2 days: Drink only juice in any quantity throughout the day. When you are hungry - drinking juice, you want to drink - drink juice (beetroot + apples, 1:4).

During the day, move as much as possible and stay outdoors.

Caution! Just don't freeze and cool your body.

With a strong feeling of hunger, eat roast apples with honey.

In the evening before bedtime, take a warm bath (10-15 minutes) and drink a laxative herbal infusion.

3 day: drink a laxative herbal infusion in the morning and then drink juice during the day till 6 p. m. (during the time of strong hunger eat a roasted apple with honey).

After 14 o' clock from time to time, heat the surface of the liver with an electric cushion or thermoformer - yes until 18 o' clock.

At 6 p. m., prepare the mixture with:

150 g olive oil and 150 g lemon juice, 6 slices of lemon, a cloth of garlic.

Preparation: grind and put into a jar with the lid.

Prepare warm bedding.

When everything is ready, at 18.30, a hot shower is taken, warmth is well warmed up, wiped dry and put into the bed.

At 7 p. m., 2 tablespoons of olive are rushed and drunk, which is immediately drunk with 2 spoons of lemon juice.

Caution! If you gather for vomiting, take lemon slices, and if the condition does not pass, open a jar with garlic and smell.

The unpleasant feeling will then pass.

Then you have to lie down again and warm up the liver. In 15 minutes, the olive and lemon juice are drunk again. And so every 15 minutes until the whole olive and all lemon juice are drunk.

If, after the next serving (usually after the fourth serving) the nausea does not pass, you have to limit yourself to the amount already drunk. Then put your bed on the right side of the bed and put an electric cushion or thermoformer on your liver and watch TV or read.

If anxiety has occurred, then take 2 No-spy pills. After 1.5-2-3 hours, the intestine is pushed and emptied. About about midnight, drink a brew of laxative herbs and lie down to sleep.

In the morning, drink a laxative herbal infusion and have a light breakfast with vegetable products, fruit and vegetables. You can also eat groats on water.

For dinner with vegetable soup (vegetarian), for dinner with roasted or cooked potatoes with added greenery, rice with stewed vegetables, etc.

From the next day you can extend your diet.

How many times should the liver be cleaned?

First cleansing of the liver is the most difficult, because the body loses a lot of power. Usually, a lot of old yellows, moulds, white threads, green "cork" is excreted, but stones may not be present.

This will not mean that the cleaning has failed. The liver is simply heavily contaminated and stones will appear during subsequent cleansing.

They should be carried out after 3-4 weeks and then they should be carried out once every 3 months. After 5-7 cleaning treatments can be performed once a year.

Why treat the first cleansing of the liver?

Because the liver consists of four parts and during one cleansing treatment it will be possible to cleanse only one part, during the other part - and so on.

Caution! If the diet changes, the stones will fall as if they were in a quarry after each treatment.

Subsequent cleansing of the liver is also needed for this reason that stones in the liver and biliary ducts have slowly settled for many years and have become smooth and have a biliary duct shape and do not upset the patient's pain, but obstruct the liver's normal functioning.

Carrying out the cleansing treatment will crush them, they will start to move and change their shape and position, and their rough edges may irritate the walls of bile ducts.

During subsequent purification, the stones diminish and are freely removed.

Caution! If after 2 days from the first liver cleansing treatment, the liver is severely affected, then after 2 weeks the cleansing procedure should be repeated.

Persons with removed gallbladder should be treated for hepatic cleansing.


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