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Halitosis causes

The causes of oral malodor

Sometimes the cause of oral malodor is trivial. Just mild dehydration or simply lighting up a cigarette to spoil our breath.

Remember! If the problem worsens, then you need to seek help from a specialist. When it turns out that the bad smell from the mouth corresponds to the disease, the doctor will recommend treatment.

How to relieve this ailment at once?

Frequently the malodour correspond to dental problems:

  • improper oral hygiene eat, tooth decay, tooth roots not removed, gangrene, and inflammation of the gums.

Tip: Thoroughly brush your teeth. First you have them scrub brush (3 minutes), and then clean the interdental thread and rinse your mouth with a special liquid. Do not forget about the language, because he may be responsible for the ugly odor from the mouth.

It may happen that in malodour correspond tonsil infections, because they can be in their grooves, that bring together the remnants of food or purulent secretions.

Bad breath can also be caused by inflammation of the sinuses.

Tip: In this case helps suction organic zinc tablets ( you can buy at any pharmacy ), because it neutralizes the odor of sulfur, which is formed as a result of ENT infections. Besides you can from time to time to figure out a pint or suck on the lemon slice.

Another cause problems with odor paragraph may also

  • lung disease (eg, tuberculosis) , gastrointestinal problems ( ulcers and gastritis, pancreatitis work for free, and liver ) , persistent constipation and intense weight loss.

Tip: You can not overeat, because when the stomach is overloaded, then pinches the diaphragm, and this releases digestive juices into the esophagus, which spoils our breath.

The spot can not help myself, chewing gum mint, parsley biting, again and again sipping water without gas.


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