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What to eat to lower cholesterol?

Products lowering blood cholesterol levels

Artery of a young, healthy person is as follows:

     such a tube with smooth walls and a large cross, and the blood flows through her ​​like a rushing stream and delivered to the various tissues and organs of oxygen and essential products.

Unfortunately, over the years, arteries look worse.

How to unclog arteries?

The condition of the arteries affects not only the time expires, but also fatty diet, smoking, stress and lack of exercise.

All this makes the artery loses elasticity and gets more and more narrow, and in addition to the walls of the deposit of plaque - the excess of cholesterol that comes from a bad diet.

     Caution! If blood cholesterol levels above 200 mg / dl, it means that as soon as you need to lower it.

What is plaque?

They are usually discovered on the wall of the abdominal aorta incidentally during abdominal ultrasound or abdominal x-ray the review.

They are the result of deposition of cholesterol and thus atherosclerosis. Such changes do not give pain.

     Caution! It should make lipids, the study of blood cholesterol, the HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and smokers should quit smoking as soon as possible and do not allow to weight gain.

In particular, it should take care of people with diabetes and hypertension.

Fennel on cholesterol

Preparation: glass ground fennel seeds and 2 tablespoons shredded valerian root pour into a jar and add to 2 cups of liquid honey, a liter of boiling water and stir carefully.

Weaning jar for a few days.

Then Strain and pour into bottles.

Dosage: drink a spoonful three times a day.

Honey on cholesterol

Preparation: 10 large unpeeled lemons submerged for 15 minutes in boiling water. Then cross section of lemon and squeeze juice from them, add 1 kg of honey lime and 10 heads of garlic crushed passed through.

Mix thoroughly and let stand for 10-14 days in a cool place.

Dosage: ready to drink a potion 4 teaspoon twice a day.

Ginger on cholesterol

It is to your diet make ginger rhizome, which significantly reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and actually in any form thins the blood.

Chunks of fresh ginger tea can wkroińá and freshly grated ginger root added to cold food.

Garlic for cholesterol

Garlic also take care about the state of your blood vessels, because it prevents the formation of plaque in the arteries of Bashan, and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood.

It is desirable in any form.

It can be cut into sandwiches, add to salads, and hot dishes.


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