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Normal levels of cholesterol

How to care for normal cholesterol levels?

Your heart beats so? Or rather, right? Listen

For a moment, cover your ears with his hands - and listen.

Well, discover. You've heard the muffled sound? These were the "shock" the most extraordinary machinery in the universe - your heart.

Began to beat even before you were born. Since then I have not had a second of rest.

If you're 30, already hit more than a billion times. If you are over 50, your heart beat almost two billion. While today beats a healthy pace - nothing stands in the way of working for the next several years, which is still ahead of you.

This is my question. Did you hear my heart - say beating fast? Would you rather be?

Measure the exact: the index and middle finger of the right hand, squeeze your left wrist with - right under your thumb. You will feel like flashes. Counts the number of the pulses within one minute.

Do it now.

So I went out the result?

According to medical standards, if between 60 and 80 beats per minute, then congratulations - according to Javaid Nauman, a researcher Norwegian University of Science and Technology, your heart beats a healthy rhythm.

However, if the beats more than 80 times, the loop tightens around the neck. As reported by Nauman, every extra 10 beats increases the risk of death due to an attack by 18%. But thanks to the tender, loving care, over time, this can be remedied.

How? First of all: caring for one's cholesterol level

When it is too high, heats the place in the blood sticking to artery walls, thus narrowing the bandwidth - as a result the heart has to pump faster, striking with greater frequency, the time that the blood reached the brain, liver, kidneys and the rest of the organs.

In short, the more beats per minute, the more cholesterol clogs the arteries.

An effective way to lower cholesterol is to improve bowel function. Because if it does not work regularly precipitate too much cholesterol particles into the bloodstream, where dangerous form in atheromatous plaque.

Natural remedy turns out fiber. Binds cholesterol in the small intestine, not allowing it to escape into the blood - too much simply passes through the intestinal transit and leaves the body in the toilet. 


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