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Liver failure diet

How and what to eat in liver failure?

Do you want to function as normally as possible despite the diseased liver? It can be done. You just need to follow some important principles. End of alcohol, other drugs and fatty food, or ... healthy eating balm for utrapionej liver.
The liver has an extraordinary gift of spontaneous recovery - can buy back 50% of its size! BUT ... if it is badly neglected, it can be so damaged that that her talent for nothing, simply nothing. What most destroys the liver?

Pathological changes in the pulp is the most common effect:

• alcohol abuse
• drug use (liver is particularly damaging for cocaine),
• improper nutrition,
• viruses
• excess medication (even seemingly harmless acetaminophen, which enjoy the every headache or cold beyond the recommended dose becomes toxic).

Diet cure for all evils (disease)

With appropriate treatment portion diseases, such as viral hepatitis A and E, over time persists. Some, however, such as cirrhosis, are - for now - incurable. Medicine can only be hampering their progress.

Developing outbreak of disease makes the liver slows the performance of its biological functions. There are less-competent, which negatively affects the vital functions of the body, which is our psycho-physical disposition. So how do you live with this affliction?

Proper diet is a prevention and treatment in one. An important role is played by a way of life:

• hygiene,
• minimize stress
• regular rest,
• functioning in accordance with its own biological clock..

Fiber on the carpet

Chronically ill?

1 Put drugs (alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, strong tea), mushrooms, and hot spices.

2 Avoid full-fat products, including for example, processed cheese, fatty meats, dairy products.

3 Reduce your intake of sugar (including necessary: cakes with cream, whipped cream, chocolate, cakes, harm may also cocoa), salt and animal fats.

4 Eat meals at fixed times and intervals (4-5 hours per day at 2.5-3.5.), Without haste, chew thoroughly.

5 Eat foods with lukewarm - extreme temperatures adversely affect the consistency of the fat.

6 If possible, prepare meals with fresh ingredients, avoid reheating.

7 Use herbs and natural preparations for action hepatoprotectors, or supporting the reconstruction of the liver and its physiological functions (eg, liters of milk thistle or artichoke).

8 Reduce the amount of fiber - avoid dark bread, coarse grits (eg, buckwheat), legumes, cabbage, onions, asparagus, garlic, celery, plums, pears, because they enhance the bloating.

9 Eat fruit baked or cooked.

10.Gotuj, simmer or bake food in the hole, parchment, foil - no fat. Do not fry!

These recommendations relate to the so-called. settlement period. In advanced stages drastically reduces protein intake, given liquid and semi-liquid food, used modified amino acids and enteral nutrition. The most severe cases require parenteral nutrition (parenteral).

The above rules will keep you longer in good health! Feel better with them.


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