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What is good for the liver?

Effective ways for a healthy liver

Most of us do not even fully understand how important is for us the liver. Most probably do not even wonder on what is the cause of liver disease, which very often belittled, and of the majority of cases it is too late and starts to just suffer. Many of us simply do not know how to take care of your liver.

Remember! Human liver is a huge laboratory, without which you can not properly function or even live. In ancient times, the liver was regarded as the most important human body and even believed that it is the seat of the soul, but over the years more and more people began to attribute it is less important.

In today's world this body again began to be recognized as an extraordinary organ, which is of extreme importance for the proper functioning of the human body. The uniqueness of the liver is that it is the most important chemical laboratory organism antitoxin control center, the tank and the fuel distributor and meet over 500 functions in the body.

Do not forget that our liver has great regenerative abilities and can continue to function even after losing 50% of its size and if I ever on strike, it is entirely our fault, because we can not take care of it.

It must be realized that the liver due to the functions that it fully, can have serious consequences for the whole of our body.

Remember! As a last resort you can end cirrhosis, and it can lead to death. Therefore, it is important to take care of it in advance.

The liver is the organ that is particularly vulnerable to poisoning that may result from the consumption of too many drugs and alcohol. The impact on the disease are also viruses and parasites.

Remember! Very important in the fight against many diseases, as well as threats to the proper functioning of the liver in the form of prevention is personal hygiene, proper diet and vaccinations.

How to effectively protect and how to effectively take care of my liver?

1 ) Medication should be used only when necessary.

    2 ) You can not abuse alcohol or smoke cigarettes.

    3) Do not overeat . You have to eat regularly throughout the day 4-5 very large meals .

    4) In our menu can not do without vitamins , and so you should eat lots of fruits and salads because of the vitamin C, as well as whole wheat and dairy products, which are a rich source of vitamin B.

    5) Diet off fat and fried foods (especially in deep fat ) .

    6 ) We eat light meals, cooked, stewed, and baked without fat overlapped vessels - heat-resistant or plastic sleeve .

    7 ) Limit the intake of salt and sweets.

    8) Dishes seasoned with herbs .

    9) People who are overweight should try to lose weight, but can not be used for this purpose drastic diet below 1200 calories or even more prolonged fasting .

    10) Very favorably acts on the liver drinking herbal teas (especially mixed ), because they facilitate digestion and improve its operation.

    11) In the case of use of oral contraceptives or hormone therapy should regularly check the condition of the liver.

Of course, the basis for the treatment of liver disease is diet, but here you can not forget about herbs that are highly effective in the treatment and prevention of the disease .

Remember! For advanced and irreversible changes in the liver, there is no cure .

However, many problems can be alleviated by herbal preparations from the seeds of the herb milk thistle and artichoke. They can be used for longer than those of chemical origin, and above all, do not lead to serious damage to the liver parenchyma .

They also inhibit better disease processes in the liver cell .

Remember! Pharmaceutical drugs bring temporary relief and do not produce long-term effects .


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