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What is high in fiber

What is the most fiber?

Lack of fiber causes the digestive system is not working as it should.

     Caution! It is therefore important that the substance has a permanent place on the menu.

Currently, fiber is finally appreciated, and that's because, unfortunately, more and more people are suffering from diseases for which the cause lies in inadequate nutrition.

These include the:

     obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis.

For these health issues will certainly affect the growing popularity of processed food that can be quickly and easily prepared, but unfortunately it is low in fiber.

     Caution! To complete deficiency of fiber, go back to the source, that is, to fresh or less processed products.

Here's richest products in the precious fiber.

The fiber in cereal products

Here, most of which are brans, which contain about 45% fiber. They can be used to enrich such as breads, cakes, add them to salads, yogurt.

It is worth to extend the list of all products from whole grains, such as:

     buckwheat, cereal, barley, oats, whole wheat.

The fiber in nuts and raisins

The best sources of fiber are desiccated coconut (100 g it is about 24 g) and dried plums, peaches and apricots.

Are also a good source of almonds, peanuts and other nuts. They can be regarded as the most perfect snack because I just eat a handful to be able to recover (they have a lot of calories) and do something good for your body.

The fiber in vegetables

Note the dry beans (100 g has 17 grams of fiber) and chickpeas, but other legumes are also rich of its source.

Among fresh vegetables worth eating celery (as root and stem), parsley, Brussels sprouts, carrots and broccoli.

The fiber in fruits

First of all, we turn to black currants (about 7 grams of fiber per 100 g), and raspberries.

Unfortunately, these are the fruits of the season.

That leaves us less rich in fiber, apples and pears.

Fiber is mainly found in the skin and small kernels, so best to eat unpeeled fruits and unexplored.


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