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Elixir for constipation - formula stimulating bowel

What helps with constipation?

The intestines are never lazy. Lazy is the owner! If you make a slight change, that is, replace one regular meal a nutritional elixir of health, your intestines will work better.
The following recipe has already helped many bated and I am confident it will help and you.

This is a recipe for a potion that not only tickles your taste buds ... I also nourishes your body ... it stimulates peristalsis ... and supports you in the stomach.

Make constipation evaporate - I will explain why.

Top: the potion is almost as cheap as borscht.

To prepare you will need the standing mixer or a suitable tip of the mixer. If temporarily absent, since you have a neighbor behind the wall!

Acting. In a bowl or blender hopper: a glass of strawberries, three slices of pineapple, one orange, a tablespoon of raw honey (mmm-mmm, yum!), A glass of yogurt, then 1/3 teaspoon cinnamon, and finally a full scoop of fiber. Mix everything thoroughly and drink slowly , in small sips , savoring the explosion of natural flavors.

You can use different combinations of fruit. The above is an example.

Elixir drink instead of a second breakfast, and better yet , instead of the first.

As I said , you can use a variety of fruit , but the first and last component always add :

1 ) Cinnamon. This is one of the few spices on the planet with such high levels of antioxidants, guards health and youth. ORAC measurements have shown that half a teaspoon of their level is - good God! - 6 688 ...

2 ) Fruits. I do not know why , the average person in the life-giving vitamins, minerals and trace elements goes to the pharmacy - buy synthetics from medical machines. Meanwhile , after a fruit combine with Nature , and Nature is the largest source of health!

3 ) Raw honey. It does not require digestive enzymes, so it is awfully light for the digestive system. This makes it a perfect natural sweetener any of cocktails and potions. I recommend raw because pasteurized feeds pathogens in the gut.

4 ) Yogurt. Ahh , the good old yogurt. The drink , which for hundreds of years done at home with cow's milk or goat's milk. However, unlike milk, yogurt is more easily absorbed ( because I do not allergenic ), has less lactose ( lactase enzyme and that helps to digest the amount of lactose present ), stimulates gastric and intestinal peristalsis.

5) Fiber. Intestines take in turns everything you put in your mouth. Healthy or unhealthy - everything. So you can not overstate their importance. Dr. Bernard Jensen, the spec of juices and detoxification, even once said that death begins in the gut. Therefore, the fifth component to the morning pour the potion.

In the Middle Ages the potion was sought by alchemists wonderful drink, having prolong life and provide eternal youth. If medieval tried the above recipe, you may not agree to what to eternal youth. But thanks sekretnemu component, fiber, would agree that the life-extending properties.


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