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Causes of fatty liver

Fatty liver

Fatty liver, a condition that is not treated with medication and good results against obesity, discontinuation of sweets and more traffic.

It is a disease of civilization, which promotes obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and abdominal obesity. Fatty liver is present even in a few years the children.

Remember: If you really want to avoid the disease, then you really watch their weight.

What is fatty liver?

The disease usually begins simple fatty liver, but the increase in the volume of adipose tissue, it comes to progressive tissue necrosis and inflammation of liver.

If a sick person there's nothing doing, is an organ fibrosis, and this results in cirrhosis of the liver.

Remember! Cirrhosis is a condition hardly reversible, which can lead to cancer.

Caution! Increasingly, patients are treated with cirrhosis of the liver that is caused by obesity and steatosis.

The most important test that must be done by this disease are abdominal ultrasound, but the doctor will direct the patient in addition to blood chemistry, the aim of which is to determine the level of liver enzymes: ALT and AST s s.

When they are elevated to the exclusion exclusion of hepatitis B and C is a signal that has already taken place steatohepatitis.

Is fatty liver is reversible?

Fortunately liver is the organ that has the ability to regenerate.

Just change the patient lifestyle and everything will return to normal. It will not happen right away, but for example, in a few months, and provided it to dump the excess weight.

At the same fatty liver are currently no effective treatment, but good results with a change in lifestyle and weight control. Should be limited in the diet of carbohydrates and fats, and forget about the sweets.

Remember! It is necessary to begin to move vigorously. This may for example be spacer, but not less than two, and preferably three times a week.

Pharmacology is used only supportive and included only if they are treated as co-morbidities such as diabetes or hypertension.

The rules that you need to keep in mind when fatty liver

When the disease should avoid drinking cold drinks, because low temperatures cause blood vessels in the gut, and this is the reason for the decrease in the secretion of bile.

You have to limit the amount of fat in the diet, because their digestion requires increased secretion of bile and forces the liver to hard work. It is worth to give up fatty sauces, meats and sausages and sweets, which are high in fat.

It ruled salt and instead use herbs that have a beneficial effect on the liver (eg, thyme,
marjoram, tarragon, saffron, rosemary, oregano and cumin).

The daily diet is good to include artichokes, which stimulates the secretion of bile and also drink herbal tea with milk thistle - herbs that detoxifies the liver.

You have to eat slowly, chewing each bite. This is to the liver.

Do not abuse the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory because they unduly burden the liver, and this causes damage.

I do not like liver?

Enemy No. 1: Sweets

You have to watch the sugar, because it fosters an excessive amount of fatty liver. Tea sweetened with honey should rape, which contains fructose, and replace with fresh fruit cakes.

Enemy No. 2: Abdominal obesity

Hepatic steatosis promotes overweight and obesity. It is very dangerous especially abdominal obesity (beer belly). If a man after measuring the waist is over 94 inches, a woman over 80 inches, it is no longer a cause for concern.

Enemy No. 3: Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption and long-term damages the liver, and is consequently fed to the fatty first, and then the occurrence of inflammation and cirrhosis (permanent and irreversible damage to the liver cells).

Remember! The conversion of alcohol to acetaldehyde drains the liver.


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