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Diet cleansing of toxins

Removing toxins from the body

Most of our health problems stems from the fact that we are surrounded by toxins everywhere, because civilization is constantly provides us with further portions of exhaust gas, waste, chemicals.

Poison - willy-nilly are absorbed by the body, but fortunately we can deal with them home-made.

Biology as programmed our body that it is able to independently regulate and execute multiple processes, which usually do not have a clue.

The best example is the neutralization of toxins and their excretion.

When the body cries for help

Normally, our body using different filters (liver, kidney, skin) he copes with treatment. Every day, with food, air, drugs, nicotine, alcohol and stress due to our body burst into thousands of potentially dangerous compounds.

They are not a problem for our bodies. Although ...

When the amount of harmful substances exceeds our critical state, then the result is:

     continuous apathy,
     lack of energy,
     frequent infections,
     hair loss,
     brittle nails,
     trouble with the complexion,

Caution! These symptoms may also occur when the body which is responsible for the inactivation and removal of toxins from various reasons (eg, illness, fatigue, some cells) no longer fulfills its role.

And if you can not wait for that body itself can deal with complaints.

You just have to help him, and so unblock excretory canals and restore it to the form.

How to do it?

Just a healthy diet ...

Power flows from the nature

A diet that cleanses the body stimulates the detoxification process and the elimination of bad relationships.

Therefore, it must be based on the products rich in fiber, herbs and foods that improves the individual channels are responsible for detoxification (this can be eg milk thistle, plantain psyllium, flaxseed).

They work in two ways, firstly because the direct impact on hazardous substances and deactivate them, and the second screen regenerates weakened bodies and that these again perform their functions and keep unieszkodliwiaƂy toxins and excrete them.

     Milk thistle stimulates the secretion of bile and rebuild the damaged cells of the liver and prevent it from igniting.

     Grandmother psyllium absorbs toxic compounds, overshadow the intestinal mucosa, promotes the production of good intestinal bacteria, help with constipation, it is also a source of fiber.

     Linseed in contact with water, produce a protective layer of mucus, alleviating inflammation of the digestive system of individual elements. Improve peristalsis, eradicate constipation and other digestive system disorders (eg diarrhea), will also help in the treatment of ulcers.

     Herbs work diversely. Some of them increases urine production and enhances the functioning of the sweat glands, and other accelerate metabolism, protect the gastrointestinal tract, and also eliminate harmful waste products.

     Fiber, which is contained in vegetables, fruits and cereals articles improve digestive optimizes defecation and like a magnet attracts particles of toxic components, and then deletes them from the faeces.

     The cleansing diet can not do without water, which eliminates toxins through the kidneys. Depending on the level of physical activity daily amount is from 30 to up to 150 ml per kilogram of body weight. So if you do not do sports, although we drink 1.5 liters

Purification in practice

In practice, it looks like this, it's worth a few days to decide on a diet, fruit and vegetable and herbs to support it.

For the prevention and the use of preparations based on milk thistle and plantain and drink teas from medicinal plants.

Caution! During the cleansing treatment can not drink coffee, black tea, alcohol, and carbonated soft drinks (must be permanently removed from the menu).

Purify your body and enjoy a great well-being!


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