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Drugs on the liver and their side effects

Side effects of drugs on the liver

The most serious cases of liver failure are treated with drugs, and they can frighten side effects.
However, in more advanced stages of the disease and it is recommended that prophylactic preparations from natural ingredients and herbs.

Drugs, alcohol, viruses, greasy food, parasites, chemicals, foods full of preservatives, nicotine - our liver does not have an easy life. It is true that it was she who is responsible for the neutralization of harmful toxins and can deal with this on a regular basis, but the longer the impact of a factor will eventually give up and do not give advice ...

When the liver gets ...

Then necessarily need to change a way of life and you need to implement mandatory treatment rebuilding damaged liver parenchyma.

Therapy has three roads that sometimes intertwined:

     1 Synthetic drugs that are prescribed by a doctor.

     2 Pharmaceuticals based on natural ingredients, such as containing medicinal plant extracts.

     3 The products processed or at least 100 percent. natural, such as milk thistle seeds, herbal teas.

Effective, but dangerous to the health of the liver drugs

Depending on the severity of the disease, its causes, symptoms, symptoms are advised to use other therapies.

At an advanced stage of organ damage (eg caused by viral hepatitis or cirrhosis) come into play prescription drugs. Although they work efficiently, but can affect other organs and systems (eg, heart, kidneys, circulatory system).

     Caution! Unfortunately, the fight against complications of liver failure, synthetic drugs can do their job and exacerbate other ailments.

For example:

     The consequence of liver fibrosis can be encephalopathy. This brain damage. Diseases treated like ascites, pharmaceuticals thiazide or other antibiotics, and these medications exacerbate cirrhosis of the liver, and can raise cholesterol levels and lead to anemia and hyperglycemia.

     Autoimmune liver damage. Then, corticosteroids are used. When they are used for too long, then the resistance is lowered, and it enhances the risk of infections, infections of all kinds. Also inhibit adrenal function and cause Cushing's syndrome, stomach ulcers. Contribute to metabolic disorders and neurological changes - psychiatric (eg, depression, suicidal thoughts, rages, nightmares.).

     Served with bleeding from esophageal varices terlipressin raises blood pressure, causes bruising limbs, pale skin.

Each body reacts differently to pharmacists used during treatment .... In some people therapeutic active substances induce side effects such as headache and gastrointestinal upset.

Rather safe drugs on the liver

Similarly, natural preparations may work, but in this case the side effects such as nausea, rash and other skin reactions, vomiting, loose stools, abdominal discomfort, mild laxative, diarrhea can occur normally at a large dose limit is exceeded and are incidental .

When they enjoyed in accordance with the instructions, it should not hurt.

Mild and harmless drugs on the liver

What about herbal medicines whose use of recommended preventive and curative?

The most popular and also the most researched plant is milk thistle, which contains silymarin. It demonstrates multidirectional methods:

     inhibits liver cirrhosis,
     stabilizes the hepatocyte cell membrane,
     speeds up the removal of toxins from the body,
     abolishes liver inflammation.

Where the risk of side effects is minimal, though of course not excluded. Intolerance may result in indigestion, headache decrease in blood glucose, diarrhea or mild purgative, heartburn, itching.

     Caution! Similar symptoms observed with an overdose of the product.

Generally speaking, herbs are safe for the body. Therefore, it is recommended that the long-term drug use.


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