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Too high cholesterol

How to lower cholesterol?

Too much cholesterol (a standard is necessary for the proper functioning of the body) is the cause of many serious diseases of civilization.
Deposit on the blood vessels in the form of fatty deposits leads to narrowing of the light, and this in turn is a cause of heart failure (heart attack), cardiovascular disorders, atherosclerosis and premature aging processes in the body.

Cholesterol is a fixed component and a metabolic product of animal and human organisms. It is located in the liver, brain, blood, adipose tissue, and the nerves, meat and egg yolk, which are particularly rich source.

Remember! Normal blood cholesterol level should not exceed 250 mg/100 ml. The optimal value is 150 - 280 mg/100 ml.
When the level of cholesterol in the plasma exceeds the legal limit, then begins to develop atherosclerosis (especially coronary heart), and this can lead to very serious cardiovascular diseases, which often end in death of the patient.

Nutrition people with high cholesterol

People who are found too high cholesterol can out of them using the threat of a balanced diet.

They need to know that two thirds needed for human body itself produces cholesterol, and the rest comes from food, and if consumed excessive amounts of saturated animal fats that contain cholesterol, it will inhibit the activity of liver receptor protein and then it loses its ability to receive excess cholesterol.

The diet used in excess cholesterol

The diet should be very rich in vegetables washed thoroughly with particular emphasis on parsley, dill, onion, garlic, pumpkin and cabbage.

It should also be borne in mind that 30 % of energy coming from fat ( 2/3 should be vegetable fats, animal rest ).

In prophylactic point of view to use unsaturated fat in the raw state. This may be, for example, sunflower oil, soybean oil, or corn. They reduce cholesterol.

Problems with high cholesterol do not have such as Chinese. This is because their menu is quite different from ours. They eat a lot of raw vegetables and rice, and protein that is needed body derive from plant sources. Fats are consumed by them only in the rough, and they use a lot of spice plants.

In our country, the foods are fatty foods, meat stewed in sauces, soups whitewashed cream, fried eggs (such as bacon or sausage ). Added to this is candy, cakes and sweets in different forms.

But it is not enough raw vegetables, fruits, whole-wheat bread, unrefined products .

Remember! The anti-cholesterol prevention of major importance is the consumption of fruit, especially berries low sugar. They contain not only vitamin C but also fiber and pectin .
These are:
  • currants, strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries . Are perfect for the apples .
The diet should be disposed of white sugar, and replace it with honey, but in limited quantities. Reduced to a minimum all kinds of sweets and restricted adding salt to food. Can be replaced partially spices such as:
  • caraway, marjoram, basil, tarragon .
The menu should be in dark bread with added bran, because it contains protein, micronutrients and fiber. This is better for digestion.

You can also use the month-long treatment with fresh cabbage juice.

Preparation: rejecting green, ugly list. The rest of you put in the juicer. Drink freshly prepared juice.

You can also drink two times a day for 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, which is mixed with boiled water sweetened with 1 tablespoon of honey.

The elevated cholesterol also doing well stewed onions. You cut finely 3 large onions, add a tablespoon of oil, 12 tablespoons of water and suffocate under cover for 20 minutes.

It also drink herbal tea or juice Sklerosan burdock, birch and dandelion.

In case of deterioration of digestion can help yourself tea- mint, barberry, rowan or possibly drink in the evening brew a mixture Cholagoga 2

Remember! Do not let weight gain. It sports and long walks.
Vitamin C normalizes metabolism of cholesterol, and eluted with excess cholesterol from arteries. Lowers cholesterol, it is too high and raises it when it is too low.

Remember! Cholesterol gets into the circulatory system under the influence of stress, nicotine and coffee, and when consumed in large meals at long intervals.

High cholesterol - start to use these tips

 1 ) Follow lecithin, flax seed, garlic, apples, fiber.

2 ) Eat less saturated fat. They are: butter, lard , other animal fats .

3) For the bread, use only 3-4 grams of butter a day.

4) Remove fat diet of meats, cheeses, pastries, sauces, soups primed fat sour cream.

5) Eat vegetable oils ( is perfect sunflower oil, soybean oil), whole wheat, wheat and rye, which contains four times more vitamin E than white bread , and iron, and all the macro - and micronutrients, vitamins and fiber.

6 ) Drink milk. At least two cups a day, yogurt and kefir. Thus deliver the body calcium, and iron and vitamin C.

7 ) Eat vegetables and seeds to 1 kg per day. They should be varied. Eat them without fats or with a small amount of oil ( especially for vegetables, which are a source of carotene (vitamin A) and sprouts are rich in vitamin E, because they dissolve in fats and are without them inedible ).

8) White starches and eat separately, because the food will cover the stomach and will not be digested.

9 ) Eat one vegetable cooked, others raw.

10) Eat fresh or frozen product. In particular, oil should be fresh. You have to remember that they do not like the sun, light and cold. Keep them in the refrigerator on the lowest shelf. They go rancid light, and vitamin A is distributed . Oils are high in calories, but lower cholesterol in the blood.

Remember! The oil can not burn during heating. Burnt contains poisonous acrolein, which is sometimes carcinogenic, (each fat burned it produces ).
11 ) Cholesterol is too high , e.g. above 200 mg ( standard - 140 mg ) per 100 ml of blood, is a threat and above 250 mg is already a serious threat.

12 ) Eat garlic, which sanitizes and disinfects the body, lowers cholesterol, which is the cause of obstruction of the blood vessels of the brain, and this is causing a brain hemorrhage.

13) Excess cholesterol will prevent messing flaxseed, which contains the highest dissolving lecithin cholesterol.


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