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Hardening of the body

How to naturally strengthen your vitality

Of course, by hardening.

What exactly is meant by hardening?

Are: to increase the body's resistance to the effects of meteorological factors such as cold, heat, reduced pressure, and other weather conditions, as well as strengthening the immune system.

To make it easier to understand: the hardening of the body can be compared to the forging of iron. During the intense heat and then suddenly cool, iron becomes hard and durable.

Something similar happens to the human body, which as a result of quenching treatments acquires the capacity to unfavorable factors potentially threatening health: germs, frost, heat build-up and so on.

Regular quenching Season it can be so that even if all household members caught the flu, your health will remain unmoved.

How to properly harden? Season it so that germs ... disease ... infections ... you will be afraid as the devil holy water? The first step is:


If you destroy it, common sense, and I'll wash his hands ten times a day ... dressed in summer jacket in the morning, because then there is a slight coolness ... every time assumed Slippers, as I go out into the hall to hang out the laundry ... I am sorry, your body does not have time to toughen up .
With this jacket it seriously. Not once, not twice my eyes met those wary geeks. If someone is afraid of the cold wind one summer morning, is how he is to survive the winter frosts, I ask?

Just walking barefoot. Why assume Slippers leaving the garden, when the earth or grass is heated sun? Going barefoot is one way of hardening and regulate the body. It does wonders.

The nicest way to hardening of the body?

Walking barefoot.

It is a natural way to regulate health and hardening of the body. It stimulates the nerve endings in the feet which is a lot (about 72,000), and thus - in a jiffy occurs pleasant refreshment. If you come across the grass and sand in the evening, before going to sleep, I can not guarantee that you are able to fall asleep quickly. As I said, this natural treatment promotes hardening. Therefore, it is recommended to do it in the morning or at noon.

And how did the impact of walking barefoot on health?

The body has a tendency to collect positive electric charge, while the land has a slightly negative charge. And now, when the body undergoes physical contact with the Earth, the Earth provides a limitless source of free electrons that compensate for the load in the body, putting all the inflammation and regulate the nervous system and muscles.

In addition, research suggests that such treatment reduces the side effects of stress, reduces pain and increases range of resistance.

Pretty cool benefits, given that nothing and nothing you do not pay for it!

Walking barefoot as a way of toughening proposed in the late nineteenth century German priest Sebastian Kneipp. He slipped a beautiful hygienic password.

One of them sounded ...


Really beautiful, and the way the word true.

Today, some nursing homes in Germany, Austria and Finland are widely used to walk barefoot along the paths of "contrast", where individual sections are heated differently - from cold to hot for summer.

This is because the treatment of the body to change the heat and cold just hardens - strengthens health and immunity. Especially in the case of the feet. Today, because virtually constant over the foot, enclosing them in a perfectly tight shoes with synthetic materials.

I change this situation by nieodgradzanie own body of Mother Earth (or simply walking barefoot) brings a blissful feeling of relaxation of both the body and the psyche.


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